How to Create an RSS Listing Report

June 23, 2023

Jotform can generate RSS feeds that you can use to get notified when there are new entries to your forms. Since RSS is in standard XML format, you can also use it to fetch submission data and use it in many different ways.

To create an RSS listing report

  1. Go to My Forms and select your form.
  2. Click on Reports at the top.
    Note: You can perform the same steps to access existing reports.
  3. Choose Add New Report from the menu.
  1. Next, select RSS Listing.
  1. Now, set the configurations for your RSS listing report.

The RSS Listing settings is divided into 3 sections:

  • Report Name — The name of your report.
  • Fields — The information to include in the report.
  • Report Configurations — Password protection adds a layer of security to your data. See note.
  1. Finally, click on Create at the bottom to generate the report link.

Your report is now ready. You can copy or view the link in the next window.


The RSS listing report will be in XML format and might not be readable on its own. You’ll need an RSS reader to view the data in a more readable format. One example is QuiteRSS which is free and open-source.

Quite RSS Free News Reader

Note: To access your password-protected report in your RSS reader or program, append ?passKey={your_password} to the feed URL. For example:$$w0rd
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