How to Create a Calendar Listing Report

May 16, 2024

Jotform’s Calendar Listing allows you to present submission data in a calendar format and display available dates or times which can be useful for scenarios like appointment scheduling.

To create a Calendar Listing report

  1. Go to My Form and choose your form.
  2. Open Reports at the top, then select Add New Report.
Steps to add a new report in Jotform
  1. Select Calendar Listing.
The Calendar Listing option in Create a Report
  1. Customize your report by specifying the report name, fields to include in the report, and other configurations.
  2. Select Create at the bottom to finish setting up your report.
The Calendar Listing configuration in My Forms

Once created, you’ll receive a link to your Calendar Listing report. You can share this link directly or embed the report into your website using the provided iframe code.

The report link dialog in My Forms

Here’s an example of a Calendar Listing report:

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