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How to Integrate Form with Paypal Pro

How to Integrate Form with Paypal Pro

Aside from Paypal Standard, JotForm also integrates with Paypal Payments Pro or Paypal Pro. 

Paypal Pro enables you to accept both debit and credit cards directly from the form as well as payments from your Paypal account. These payments can be immediate or authorized for later capture; they can also be recurring payments depending on your configuration.

Important Notes:

Paypal Pro requires a Business Type Paypal account.

Paypal Pro is only available in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

 Here are the steps to integrate Paypal Pro with your form:

1. In the form builder, click Add Form Element button found on the left side of the page.

2. Go to Payments tab then add Paypal Pro to your form.

3. Enter your Paypal Pro API credentials. Click here to get one, then enter them in the PayPal Pro Integration settings. 

4. Choose whether you want to sell products, sell subscriptions, collect custom amount or collect donations.

5. Assuming that you want to sell products, the next page will show you how to create a product. It is pretty straightforward.

Click Create New Product button.

Then enter the product details. You can also add product options like quantity, size, color and etc.

6. Create as many products as you want, then save the changes.

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  • SimiCovKids

    We are getting an error when people try to use credit without going to paypal first. Any ideas?

  • StylesFitness

    I've completed all of these steps and it is still not submitting or redirecting to PayPal. Please help!