Get Patient Signatures

Obtain informed consent by collecting digital signatures directly through your HIPAA-compliant healthcare forms. Just add an e-signature field or one of our e-signature widgets, including DocuSign and Adobe Sign, to your medical consent form — patients will be able to sign the form electronically using their finger or a stylus.


Schedule Appointments

Patients can easily book appointments online by selecting a date and time through an easy-to-use appointment field. Integrate your medical form with Google Calendar to instantly turn submitted appointment requests into events.


Collect File Uploads

Improve communication with patients by allowing them to upload photos, videos, documents, and more with a file upload field. Patients can drag and drop up to 1 GB of files from their desktop per submission, making it easier to collect patient data and files at the same time.


Accept Online Payments

Let patients pay medical bills and copayments directly through your forms. For seamless payment processing, JotForm offers integrations with 30+ trusted payment gateways, including Square, PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, and eCheck.Net. Submitted payments are protected by JotForm’s PCI and GDPR compliance, so patients can rest easy knowing their cardholder data is safe.


Add Conditional Logic

To make your HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform even easier for your patients to use, include custom conditional logic or our free form calculation widget to automatically add up fee totals. Not only does this save you time when billing your patients, but it also provides a smoother experience for the individuals filling in your forms.


Draw on Images for Easier Diagnosis

Diagnose conditions remotely with our Draw on Image widget. When you add a diagram of the human body to your form, patients can circle exactly where they are experiencing pain or discomfort — to help you quickly understand their health problems. And since doctors and nurses can also use this widget to complete assessments themselves, it’s a great tool for medical professionals working in person or via telemedicine.


Integrate with 100+ Apps

Stay connected with the tools your healthcare practice already relies on. JotForm offers powerful integrations with other HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software, such as Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Dropbox.


Treat Patients from Any Device

Your telemedicine toolkit isn’t complete without JotForm Mobile Forms, our free mobile app that lets you create, share, and fill out forms and check submissions on the go. Collect detailed patient data with advanced mobile form fields like Voice Recording, Draw on Image, and more. You’ll be able to assign forms to staff members and even accept submissions without internet access.


Generate Password-Protected PDFs

Add an extra layer of data security with password-protected PDFs. If you want to send digital copies of health reports or appointment summaries to your patients via email, ensure they’re secure by requiring a unique password to open each document. Simply set up a PDF autoresponder, choose your password, and share it with your patient to allow them to access their documents.


550+ Free Healthcare Form and PDF Templates

Don't have the time to create your healthcare form from scratch? Get a head start with free templates for consent forms, appointment forms, patient intake forms, application forms, surveys, and more.