Jotform Mobile Forms

Discover how Jotform Mobile Forms lets you collect better data, access your forms, and stay connected on the go.

Jotform Mobile Forms - Features

Offline data collection

No internet connection? No problem. View your forms offline and collect responses no matter where you are. Form entries submitted offline will automatically sync with your Jotform account when you’re back online.

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Advanced form features

Enhance your forms with special mobile form fields for geolocation, voice recording, QR scanning, signature collection, and more.

  • Take a photo
  • Draw on image
  • Geolocation
  • Record a voice
  • Scan Barcode / QR Code
  • Capture Signature
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Take a photo with Jotform Mobile Forms
Take a photo with Jotform Mobile Forms
Draw on image with Jotform Mobile Forms
Geolocation with Jotform Mobile Forms
Record a voice with Jotform Mobile Forms
Scan Barcode / QR Code with Jotform Mobile Forms
Capture Signature with Jotform Mobile Forms

Kiosk Mode

Collect multiple form responses on a single device during trade shows, conferences, and events. Your password-protected form will automatically refresh after each submission.

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Assign Forms

Assign specific forms to members of your team so that they can send, view, and manage responses. Work closely with team members by tracking activity and sharing feedback.

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Customizable notifications

Get instant push notifications whenever a new response comes in. Customize your notifications to filter submissions and reduce clutter.

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Easy form sharing

Share your forms via email, text, and mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram with a single tap.

Mobile form builder

Create and edit forms no matter where you are. Use our mobile-friendly Form Builder from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

Jotform Mobile Forms

Place powerful offline forms in the palm of your hand.

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