12 Features

Easily share your forms and submissions with colleagues and clients using Jotform’s built-in collaboration tools. You can add collaborators and sub-users, send shareable links, embed forms in any webpage, generate PDF reports and QR codes, and so much more — all from your Jotform dashboard.


Keep submissions organized, collaborate with others, and find exactly what you’re looking for with search filters. View or edit your submissions through Jotform Sent box.

ფორმის მძლავრი ფუნქციონალი

ფორმის და მონაცემების გაზიარება

იმუშავეთ ერთად უკეთესად. Jotform გთავაზობთ გაზიარების მრავალ ფუნქციონალს, რაც წარმოუდგენლად ამარტივებს თქვენი ფორმებისა და მონაცემების სხვებისათვის გაგზავნას.


შეხსენების იმეილები

Send automated Jotform reminder emails to people who need to fill out your online forms. Add recipients, customize email content, set up a schedule, and more — no coding required.


Productivity Tools

Save time and boost your productivity with powerful online forms. Enhance your productivity forms by integrating them with your favorite productivity tools, like Airtable, Slack, and


Notification Emails

Get notified instantly about form activity so you can respond to submissions without delay. Create advanced online forms with Jotform and get email notifications for each new response.


Public Forms

If you want to contribute to the Jotform community, you can always share your forms in Jotform’s Form Template Gallery so that others also can benefit from it.


ფორმის მონაცემების მართვა

Collect, manage, and share form data using Jotform. With our suite of free data management tools, you can generate reports, PDFs, and securely share form submissions online.


იმეილ მარკეტინგის ხელსაწყოები

Jotform’s email marketing integrations make it easy to gather information, payments, and files online and send them to your email marketing software automatically! Connect with popular email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, and more.


CRM Integrations

Spend less time manually entering contacts and more time converting leads. Create a contact form for your business that instantly syncs new leads and contacts into CRM databases like HubSpot, Salesforce, and more!


Collaborative Forms

ითანამშრომლეთ თქვენს ონლაინ ფორმებზე გუნდის წევრებთან ერთად Jotform-ის გამოყენებით. მიამაგრეთ ფორმები და მართეთ ფორმის მონაცემები ერთად Jotform ცხრილებში და Jotform ინბოქსში.


Form Assignments

Let your employees collect the form data you need. Eliminate back-and-forth emails and long waits by assigning forms to team members, who can then gather and manage form submissions on any device — even offline with Jotform Mobile Forms!