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Have a question about how Jotform can help you manage your summer camp? Check out our FAQ.

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  • Are my summer camp forms HIPAA compliant?

    Not in and of themselves. If you’re collecting private medical information from your campers, you’ll need to use Jotform’s HIPAA compliance features so you can gather any sensitive information safely and securely.

  • How do I customize my forms?

    It’s easy to customize your forms with the the Form Elements and Form Designer sidebars, located on the left- and right-hand sides of the form builder.

    The Form Elements sidebar lets you choose form fields, such as “multiple choice” and “long-text entry,” so you can ask questions in a way that resonates with your form respondents.

    The Form Designer sidebar allows you to spice up your form. You can choose brand colors, photos, fonts, and more to make your forms effectively represent your camp.

  • Can I accept payments from my Summer Camp forms?

    Jotform is integrated with more than 30 payment processors, including PayPal, Square, and Stripe, so you can accept payments and get detailed registrant information simultaneously.

  • Does Jotform offer integrations with other software apps?

    Jotform offers hundreds of integrations to choose from to help organize and manage the collected information. Our third-party integrations save time so you don’t have to copy and paste information into your office’s organizational systems. Connect your camp registration form with Google Drive, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more. See the full list of integrations.

  • How do I accept digital signatures?

    We have integrations with some of the most popular digital signature vendors, including DocuSign and Adobe Sign, so you can easily add a signature to any kind of summer camp form, including registration forms. It’s important to note that you must create accounts with digital signature vendors to use their services and include them in your forms.

    Jotform’s digital signature integrations are available for all users and can be accessed through the widgets library in our form builder. All you need to do is use our drag-and-drop feature to place a desired widget onto your form and authorize the widget to access your account with a digital signature vendor. If you need signed customer consent, or even a photo of a valid ID, it’s no hassle. For more information, you can visit this help page.

  • Are my forms secure?

    Ensuring the privacy and security of your data is a top priority for us.

    Forms for all free and paid Jotform plans are sent and received across an encrypted connection — 256 bit SSL, to be exact — that uses a SHA256 certificate. To put it into perspective, this same level of data protection is used by online banking or e-commerce providers.

    You also can encrypt forms to ensure that any submitted information is transferred and stored in a secure format so no one else can read it. Submitted information is encrypted at a Jotform user’s computer before being transferred and stored in our servers securely.

    We have PCI DSS Service Provider Level I compliance, the highest level of security attainable for businesses that collect payments from and integrate with credit cards. We also comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which applies to all businesses that collect data in or from Europe.

  • How can summer camps use forms to run more smoothly?

    The bottom line is that all summer camps, whether day camps, overnight camps, or sports camps, should have effective data collection systems that can streamline the flow of information. Camp directors, staff, and personnel need an easy-to-use, efficient online form tool with collaboration functionality, security, and a high level of customization. Read on to learn about how camps can use forms to run more smoothly.

  • Are there multiple ways to share my forms?

    We offer several different form-sharing options so you can decide what works best for you. For starters, all Jotform forms have a unique URL that can serve as a direct link to your form — all you have to do is copy the URL and share it however you’d like, whether through social media or email.

    You can also share your form to your Twitter feed or Facebook timeline without leaving Jotform — just select your desired social media option, log into your account, and customize your message. You don’t even need to leave Jotform to share your form in an email — simply select the email-sharing option and customize the email that you want to send. If you have some coding skills, you can even embed a form on your website — Jotform provides the embed code to save you time.

  • What are the limitations around Jotform’s free Starter plan?

    There are a number of limits associated with our free plan. Under the free Starter plan, you’re limited to 100 completed forms, 10 payments, and 1,000 form visits each month. If people can attach files to any of your forms, you are allotted 100 megabytes of total space.

    Our Starter plan also allows you to store up to 500 submissions at any given time — if you exceed that amount, the oldest form data in your account will be deleted one by one to make room for newer data. Please visit our pricing page to see all details about which plan is best for you.

  • Does Jotform offer special rates for nonprofit organizations that operate summer camps?

    We know how difficult it can be to operate on a shoestring budget, and Jotform values the good work that nonprofits carry out every day. We offer a 50-percent discount on all paid plans for Jotform users who operate or manage a registered nonprofit.

    Just sign up for a free Jotform Starter account, and you’ll receive instructions on how to claim the nonprofit discount. You can still apply for the discount even if you are an existing Jotform user and have an account with us — you must provide your nonprofit’s 990 tax form to verify your eligibility for Jotform’s nonprofit discount.

  • My forms are complex. I want certain questions to be hidden from some people but to appear for people who select specific responses to a previous question. Can Jotform do that?

    Jotform includes a powerful feature, conditional logic. Rather than crafting long forms and requiring people to answer questions that don’t apply to them, you can use the "Conditions Wizard" in our form builder to control what information someone is asked so that the form is tailored to specific users’ needs. For instance, form responders who say they have an allergy can be asked to list their specific allergies in a separate question — this question, however, would not appear for form responders who say they do not have an allergy.

  • Can I export information from submitted forms to spreadsheet programs, such as Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel?

    Our integrations allow you to export your form data to the most popular office software suites. When you’re creating a form, all you need to do is search our library of integrations to find the one that’s right for you — the prompts that follow will tell you how to set it up and link it to your Jotform account. With our current line of integrations, you can export form data to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel (via Zapier), Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox.

  • I need a little inspiration to create a specific Summer Camp form. Do you have examples of forms that I can look through?

    Check out the thousands of templates in our gallery that can help you create any type of form; while some examples were created by our talented designers, a vast majority of the forms were built by our users and scrubbed to remove confidential or personal information. If there’s a specific summer camp template that you like, you can clone it and use it as a starting point for customizing your form.

  • I want to use information from submitted forms to create something else, such as handouts, reports, or name tags. Can I do this on Jotform?

    Jotform PDF Editor allows you to create PDF documents using form information stored in your Jotform account. All you have to do is choose the specific form fields that you want and use our drag-and-drop feature to place the information on the document you’re creating.

    You can even customize the document by adding a business logo, changing the background colors, adjusting the page margins, altering the form information text, and so much more. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about altering the original form data that’s stored in your Jotform account — we simply make a copy of it so you can build your PDF.

  • Once I create a document in PDF Editor, is there a way for me to save it as a template so I can use it again?

    No one likes to waste time by replicating work from scratch continuously, and we don’t think this should be the case with PDF documents. With just a few mouse clicks, any PDF document that you create in PDF Editor can be turned into a template. That means less time spent creating a PDF with submitted form data, formatting a document, and designing it just the way you want — with a template, at least half of the work is done already.

  • How can I reach Jotform if I run into any issues with my forms or account?

    Our customer support team is always here to help, regardless of where you are in the world or what time it is. All questions or issues from Jotform users are answered in our Support Forum, which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Within the Support Forum, you can ask a question or search for questions that have been asked and answered already in public threads.