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    summer camp form templates

    Summer Camps Form Templates

    Make every moment of summer camp memorable, even the paperwork. With JotForm, you can design professional online forms that’ll get future campers excited for summer before it starts. Whatever form you need — registration forms, camp counselor applications, evaluations — we’ve got you covered, rain or shine, with our selection of ready-made templates. After you’ve modified a template to suit your camp’s specific needs, you’ll be able to collect camper and guardian information, emergency contact numbers, medical history, dietary preferences, and even payments online. Planning the perfect summer has never been easier.

    Summer Camp Detailed Registration Form

    Summer camp registration form template is customizable so you can ask questions specific to your camp, and you can add a payment integration so that you can simultaneously collect enrollment fees.

    Soccer Camp Registration Form

    This soccer camp registration form template is for institutions offering summer camps related to sports such as football. Use this soccer camp registration form template to let parents register their kids to join the summer camp and help the kids enhance their physical and creative growth through soccer. This sports camp registration form would ask parents to provide their kid's information including their contact details for emergency purposes. This summer camp registration form also asks parent's approval for their child’s participation in any and all activities prepared by the institution.

    Summer Camp Detailed Registration Form 7

    Are you planning to organize a sports summer camp for your school, community or organization? Use this free sports summer camp registration form. This summer camp form template will help you collect the athlete's information, parents/guardian information, as well as agree to the consent and acknowledgment. Payments can also be processed straight to the form through JotForm's secure integrations with your preferred payment gateways. Start accepting registrations now and enjoy the recreational and athletic activity during the summer vacation period!

    Kids Summer Camp Registration Form

    This kids camp registration form enables the parents to register their child and enter their information as well as sign the authorization or consent. Camp registration form template asks the child's personal information, parents/guardian information, contact information, child's history or background, medical information and etc.

    Summer Camp Registration

    The first step to any great adventure often involves paperwork. With this detailed Summer Camp Registration Form, you’ll be able to gather all the information needed to enroll campers in your program. You can collect payments by integrating this form with a payment processor like Square or PayPal, and you can gather medical information by upgrading to HIPAA compliance. After you’ve customized the form and included any additional categories you might need, you’ll have a professionally-designed registration form that’ll help campers sign up for the adventure of a lifetime.

    Summer Camp Evaluation

    Summer camps are a learning experience for everyone, including camp management. Improve future program planning with our Summer Camp Evaluation Form designed to ask campers and their guardians about their experience. Customize the form using our drag-and-drop form builder, where you can rewrite the provided text and change the type of responses campers can provide. This beautifully-designed template is sure to grab campers’ attention, making them more likely to give the feedback you’ll need to make next summer even better.

    Summer Camp Medical Form

    Using this Summer Camp Medical Form, you can gather important medical history details such as health conditions, vaccinations, allergies, and medications. You’ll also be able to collect phone numbers and medical insurance information to use in the event of a medical emergency.

    Soccer Camp Arrival

    Arrival forms are crucial in making sure campers get to your campsite safe and sound. With this Camper Arrival Information Form, you can explain your camp’s arrival expectations and gather each camper’s time of arrival, pick-up location, transportation method, and other important check-in details. Customize the form to match your specific camp with our easy-to-use Form Builder. You can rewrite the provided text, include additional information fields, and even create a separate section for departure information. You’ll end up with a professional arrival form that’ll have campers eager to pack their bags.

    Football Registration Form

    Registrations are the lifeblood of any sports competition, whether it be a camp or playing in a league, you need players to play. That is where our football registration form comes in, making it simple and quick for you to capture registrations and all relevant information. Use this football registration template to collect contact information, what position they play and their health information. Making it easier for you to determine how many players you have and determining the number of coaches or equipment you will need. Make your football registration form template stand out to potential players by using JotForm's collection of widgets, apps, and themes. Additionally, you can use football registration form sample as a starting point and customize to fit your needs.

    Summer Camp Registration Form

    Accept and organize summer camp with ease using this summer camp registration form template. This summer camp enrollment form does not involve any payment and will only ask for information related to the child that is being enrolled and the parent or guardian information for emergency contact details. Get the medical record of the child as your file through this registration form for summer camp template which would also help you address any situations that may arise while in the midst of an activity. Use registration forms for summer camp to accept registration and require payments to be made through your office.

    Medical Employment Information Form

    Here is an employee medical history form template that you can use to gather medical information of the employee. This will highly ease the process of managing your employee's medical details as you will know about the general medical history of the person along with the contact information and medical insurance details. This employee medical information form template is ideal for human resources departments. Create a HIPAA Compliant Medical Employment Information Form today!

    Camper Satisfaction Survey Form

    Have you already organized a summer camp and wonder about campers' satisfaction? Don't you have survey questions for campers in mind and searching for summer camp evaluation form templates? Here is a summer camp satisfaction survey that you can use for measuring your campers' satisfaction and learning about their experience in the simplest way. Do not hesitate to add your own survey question and even edit the existing ones for free!

    Outdoor Camp Registration Form

    Here's a simple camp registration form that is ideal for small camping activities or outdoor gathering for families. This registration form format is focused on young individuals aged 6 to 15 but can be made to adopt your general camping registration that involves adults. Use this kind of registration forms to register the name of the camper and get their medical condition including the information of their previous camping activity. This registration form sample also let you ask for emergency contact information of the camper. The parent or guardian can also ask further questions in the form through the text area field.

    Camp Fun Quest Registration Form

    Camp quest is a place for fun, friends, and activities for kids and teens. If you're organizing a camp quest for your school or community, use Camp Fun Quest Registration Form to get quick signups from those who are willing to join the quest. This camp fun quest registration form template contains fields that ask the camper's information, parents or legal guardian information, emergency contact information, health, and payment information. Camp fun registration is the new way to collect registrations for the summer camp, it's easy to fill, easy to pay and secure! Don't miss any campers now, send them this summer camp funquest registration form for them to have fun and enjoy the summer camp quest.

    2013 Mini Camp Registration

    It's that time of the year again and you're assigned to cater registrations for the upcoming yearly summer camp. While others will handle this in a more traditional way (e.g. via email, phone calls, or walk-ins), the smarter ones will definitely use an online form to keep all the submissions in one place. You can use this camp registration form template as your inspiration for your next event. The form collects the camper's personal information, his cabin buddies, his/her legal guardian's contact details, and his health information. The form also collects the registration fee, a release of liability clause, along with a signature field.

    2012 Elohim Summer Camp Registration

    Kids always look forward to yearly summer camps. If you're hosting these kinds of events every year, your ways of accepting registrations may vary. However, using online forms is the most efficient way of handling this task. Here's a template that you can use to get started. Elohim Camper Registration template is a typical summer camp registration template that collects the camper's details, brief medical history, and his/her guardians emergency contact information. It also has a release of liability section, a payment field to collect the registration fee, and a short refund policy clause.

    Camp Registration Form

    This detailed camp registration form is useful if you are hosting a camping activity for students within or outside your school or private learning institutions. With this type of camp registration forms, you would be able to get the complete information of students wishing to attend the camp including their school information, current year in school, personal details, school addresses, desired name tags, GPA, and even shirt sizes. Emergency contact details are essential, so with this registration form, you can also collect the family information of the camper including their official emergency contact information. The last part of this registration form format also asks the camper to provide any relevant information on why they would like to attend the camping activity.

    Challenge Summer Camp Permission Form

    This summer camp permission slip template is a permission or consent form for students or person who are going to camping or outing with classmates, friends and etc. This parental consent form for youth camp is usually given to parents or guardians to be signed by them. This camp consent form template contains parents' contact information, emergency contact information.

    Summer Program Application Form

    Do you want to improve your students' overall confidence about their performance and craftsmanship? Regardless of the form of art they focus on, a training program would help them strengthen their passion for the field they have chosen. This is where a summer camp would come in handy. Here's a summer program application form that you can use to handle registrations from your students. The form will ask for the applicant's personal info, contact details, his/her legal guardian's contact details, a short essay about their experience on several forms of art and how they feel about them.

    Basketball League Registration Form 4

    This form is very useful for small towns or communities offering basketball tournaments. Each participants used this form to register to the basketball league.

    Summer Chess Camp Registration Form

    Here's another way to have fun and get excited this summer by introducing the game of chess to your participants. Use this template and have them fill this out. They will meet new friends and at the same time exercise their brains, making this event extra special and challenging.

    Little Beaver Camp


    Camp Gear Order Form

    Customize your camping gear order form to include your store’s logo and pictures of your products. Process payments directly through your website by integrating your camping gear order form with a secure payment gateway.

    GSSC MM Camp Staff Application Form

    This application form is about the girls scout and the staff of the camp

    Summer Camps PDF Templates

    What do you do with submitted online form responses once you have them? Instead of sorting hundreds of enrollment forms and permission slips by hand, save your collected data as PDFs that are accessible on any device at any time, whether it’s during a medical emergency or Capture the Flag. Simply choose a PDF template that matches your preexisting online form or customize one with JotForm’s new PDF Editor. Your unique template will instantly transform important camper information into secure PDFs you can easily download, print, or share with parents and staff. When you’re using JotForm, everyone’s a happy camper.

    summer camp templates

    Summer Camp Invoice

    Summer Camp Invoice PDF Template is perfect for collecting enrollment fees for hundreds of campers. After collecting your payments online, you can automatically save all transactions as PDFs using this sample.

    Summer Camp Parental Consent

    When organizing summer camp programs, you need to provide as much information as possible about camp rules to parents and guardians. With JotForm’s Summer Camp Parental Consent PDF Template, you can create a personalized and detailed consent form parents will actually want to read. You’ll also be able to save all submitted online responses as PDFs that can easily be downloaded and shared with camp staff. Using JotForm’s PDF Editor, you can rewrite the provided text to better describe your camp’s unique policies and services. No coding skills needed — just drag and drop elements until you’re satisfied with the template layout. Once you’ve finished making modifications, your template will automatically convert any submitted responses into PDFs that will be as safe as your campers.

    Camper Information

    Camper Information PDF Template will instantly transform camper information into secure PDFs that you and your camp staff can pull up at any time, whether during an activity or an emergency.

    Summer Camp Schedule

    JotForm’s Summer Camp Schedule PDF Template instantly converts all camper schedules into easily accessible PDFs, so you’ll never lose track of which activities each camper is participating in.

    Football Camp Registration

    Tackle the registration process for your football camp and score a touchdown with JotForm on your team. When football players sign up for your camp, this Football Camp Registration PDF Template will save their information as PDFs you can download, print, and view on any electronic device.

    Camper Health History

    To protect campers’ health and safety, this Camper Health History PDF Template collects information about existing medical conditions, allergies, dietary restrictions, immunizations, medication instructions, and emergency contact numbers.

    Summer Camp Permission Slip

    This Summer Camp Permission Slip template is formatted to collect camper and parent information, emergency contacts, volunteer availability, and consent. JotForm’s PDF Editor lets you redesign the template by changing the colors, rearranging form elements, or adding your camp’s unique logo. Once you’ve created the ideal permission form that instantly converts responses into PDFs, you can take a break from data collection without even having to ask.

    Summer Camp Registration

    JotForm’s Summer Camp Registration PDF Template is essential for camp coordinators looking for a better way to manage camper information. You can customize this sample to create the right enrollment form for future campers.

    Summer Camp Emergency Contact

    No matter how prepared your camp staff is, there may be an accident that requires you to call a camper’s emergency contacts. You can use this professionally designed Emergency Contact PDF Template to collect the necessary information.

    Summer Camp Fee Waiver

    With JotForm’s Summer Camp Fee Waiver PDF Template, children and teenagers in need of financial assistance can apply for a registration fee waiver.

    Basketball Camp Registration

    When it comes to data collection, this Basketball Camp Registration PDF Template helps you organize incoming registrations by automatically converting all submissions into personalized PDFs.

    Sports Camp Registration

    Any camp coordinator can use this Sports Camp Registration PDF Template. With JotForm, you’ll be able to convert online registration forms into PDFs that camp counselors and coaching staff can easily access and share.

    Summer Camp Staff Evaluation

    This Camp Counselor Evaluation PDF Template will convert all evaluation submissions into PDFs you can easily download, print, and share with the counselor being evaluated.

    Christian Camp Registration

    Intended for camp coordinators with the mission of bringing youth closer to their church, this Christian Camp Registration PDF Template is the perfect tool for managing data. With registration data automatically converted into PDFs camp counselors can easily access, you’ll be able to devote more time to scheduling team-building and worship activities. This customizable template includes form fields for campers to provide personal and guardian information, church affiliation, medical history, payment details, and authorized release. JotForm’s PDF Editor gives you the option to rearrange the template layout and attach your camp’s logo with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Once finalized, your personalized template will save campers’ registration forms as protected PDFs you can actually have faith in.

    Music Camp Registration

    JotForm’s Music Camp Registration PDF Template is an essential instrument for any camp coordinator providing summer programs to aspiring musicians. You can easily modify the sample by rearranging form elements.

    Soccer Camp Registration

    JotForm's Soccer Camp Registration PDF Template is specifically designed for soccer camp coordinators, this customizable template converts submitted registration forms into secure PDFs.

    Art Camp Registration

    JotForm’s Art Camp Registration PDF Template will not only help you design the perfect registration form but also convert your students’ information into secure PDFs that are easy to access, download, and share.

    Camper Medication Administration

    Camper Medical Administration Template

    Summer Camp Evaluation

    With summer camp evaluation template, you can collect feedback from camper and camper's parents about the camp experience as a whole, from the physical conditions to registration process.

    Gymnastics Camp Registration

    JotForm’s Gymnastics Camp Registration PDF Template is the perfect tool to manage incoming registrations. With JotForm’s PDF Editor, you can change this flexible PDF sample to match your existing registration form.

    Summer Camp Scholarship Application

    Every child deserves a memorable summer camp experience, and JotForm’s Summer Camp Scholarship Application PDF Template helps you make this goal a reality. It automatically converts summer camp scholarship applications into professional, personalized PDFs, which you can then download, print, or view on any device — perfect for discussing applications with your fellow staff. View camper information and family income, and customize template elements with JotForm’s drag-and-drop PDF Editor. You can even add your camp’s logo and colors! Simply match this template to your summer camp scholarship application form to automatically convert submissions into secure PDFs, so you can spend less time managing applications and more time singing by the campfire.

    Camper Physical Examination

    If your summer camp requires physical examinations before each session, use this free Camper Physical Examination PDF Template to easily collect confirmation of exams from licensed medical providers. Each entry will be converted into a secure PDF that contains a camper’s medical information and a healthcare provider’s signature. This camper physical examination template requires a camper’s personal information, immunization history, allergy diagnosis, dietary restrictions, and medications. Using our PDF Editor, you can customize your template to ask for additional health information. By automatically saving summer camp physicals as PDFs that are easy to organize, share, and print, you can make sure each camper is healthy enough to safely participate in this summer’s activities.

    Horse Camp Registration

    Horse Camp Registration Sample contains appropriate fields to gather camper information, including health record and emergency contact info if needed.

    Summer Camp Transportation

    This Summer Camp Transportation Sample asks for information about the camper, parents/guardian, and transportation details. It has a waiver and release of liability section that requires a signature from the parent/guardian.