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  • What is Jotform Teams?

    Jotform Teams is an online workspace that enables users to create and customize shared assets like forms, tables, apps, reports, and more. With Jotform Teams, you can collaborate more efficiently with your team and build stronger workflows for your company overall.

  • Is Jotform Teams an online collaboration tool?

    Yes, Jotform Teams is an online collaboration tool. Every user with access to a Teams workspace can share documents and collaborate seamlessly with other team members. Administrators can create specific teams and assign tasks or projects as needed.

  • What is online collaboration? What does it mean for organizational teams?

    Online collaboration means using the internet or an online space to work together on a shared project or task. For organizational teams, this means better communication and collaboration across your company — no matter where your employees are located.

  • What is a shared online workspace? What does it mean for organizational teams?

    As the name suggests, a shared online workspace is a centralized digital platform that allows its users to access and edit the same content. A shared online workspace can be used by both company employees and non-members by invitation. For teams, a shared online workspace can be the difference between time-consuming, inefficient communication and a powerful online space that teams can use to collaborate and accomplish tasks together.

  • Which teams can use Jotform Teams?

    Any team can use Jotform Teams! That includes

    • HR teams
    • Nonprofits
    • Marketing and advertising agencies
    • Educational institutions
    • Healthcare institutions
  • How can different teams communicate with each other in Jotform Teams?

    Jotform Teams includes a directory where users can browse other teams and view their workspaces — great for when someone is looking for a particular form or app that belongs to another team. If a workspace is set to be visible in the directory, non-members can access it and fill out forms and view apps.

  • Which Jotform products can Jotform Teams be used with?

    Jotform Teams is compatible with all Jotform products, so you can create assets such as forms, tables, reports, approval flows, and e-sign documents. Once you’ve created your team and invited members, click the Create button on the left side of your team workspace to see all the types of assets you can create. Then follow the steps to finish creating your items.

  • How do I create a new team in Jotform Teams?

    You can create a new team from your Jotform dashboard or from the product listing navigation by clicking the Create a Team button. When creating a team, you can assign different roles to team members and control what they can see or do within the team.

  • How many teams can I create in Jotform Teams?

    Jotform Teams doesn’t limit the number of teams you have, so you can create as many as you need for your organization. If you’d like to explore other teams that members of your organization have created, click the Teams button in the top right corner of your browser.

  • How can I ensure the privacy of my corporate data in Jotform Teams?

    All Jotform Teams data is protected by a 256-bit SSL connection, and Jotform offers multiple encryption methods and anti-spam form fields. Team admins can restrict access to forms and apps or set a workspace to only be visible to certain people within your organization.

  • Can I invite new members to the team in Jotform Teams?

    Yes. You can invite team members to your Jotform Teams workspace by sharing a link, or by sending email invitations from your online dashboard. You’ll be able to assign a role to each new member, depending on what you’d like them to be able to view, edit, or create — options include Team Admin, Data Collaborator, Data Viewer, and Creator. Server admins can also create, delete, or edit any teams within the organization.

  • How can I manage a team workspace in Jotform Teams?

    You can manage team workspaces from your Jotform Teams dashboard. From there, you can move existing forms from your personal account to your teams, customize the look and feel of team workspaces, create folders, and more.

    Only team admins can move an existing form to their team, as it means that the ownership of the form will change. To move a form to a team, go to My Forms and select Move to Team from the top panel or in your chosen form’s More menu. Then follow the instructions to complete the action.

    You can customize your team space by going to Team Settings and changing the team cover image and icon. You can also update privacy settings, manage team members, and view the activity log from this page.

    And if you’d like to create folders in a team to better organize information, there are two ways to do it. You can use the Create a new folder button on the left panel in your team workspace. You can also go to My Forms, click the three dots near your team’s name on the left panel, and select Add New Folder.

  • Can I review detailed team activity in Jotform Teams?

    Yes, you can monitor changes using the detailed activity log. Team admins are able to filter activities by date, members, and actions.