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Easily create shared workspaces for your teams to collaborate on forms, tables, reports, apps, and other assets — all in one place.

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Team Collaboration

A shared online workspace for each team

Create individual workspaces for each team to access and edit assets from one centralized location. Assets added to shared workspaces are owned by the entire team, so each team member always has access to up-to-date information.

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Keep everything
in one place

Share forms, tables, reports, apps, approval flows, and e-sign documents with your entire team in a central workspace, so team members always know where to find the latest assets.

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Organize your projects with folders

Create folders in each team’s workspace to keep your projects organized by client, program, department, or other category. Make it easy for team members to find what they need quickly.

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Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members

Easily collaborate with team members and clients on submission data with Jotform Tables. With the click of a button, you can convert your data into professional-looking reports to uncover new insights and make informed business decisions using Jotform Report Builder.

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Report Builder

Cross-Departmental Collaboration

Create apps for specific goals

Bring your team’s project information together in a single app that works great on any device with Jotform Apps. Get started with 200+ premade app templates or drag and drop to make one from scratch — no coding required.

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Automate your team’s workflow

Streamline your team’s approval workflows with automation. Collect HR requests, job applications, IT tickets, and more with online forms and turn them into tasks in an automated approval flow. You can also request e-signatures and other approval actions from team members with the Approve & Sign feature.

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Team Side

Flow Completed

Request E-signatures

Streamline your document signing process

Automate your team’s signing process with documents that can be filled out and e-signed on any device. Jotform Sign lets you create documents, invite signers, and turn each signed document into a PDF — to be automatically sent to your cloud storage accounts with our powerful integrations.

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PDF Generation

Generate documents fast

Save time by automating document creation with Jotform’s hundreds of PDF templates. Choose a template, customize it with our drag-and-drop PDF Editor, and connect it to a form. Your form data will automatically populate the document to create polished PDFs to share, print, or store.

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Customize your team’s workspace

Create individual online workspaces for each team and keep track of team assets from one place. You can customize the cover image and team avatar to keep each workspace a unique look.

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Teams Directory

Browse your organization's teams

Jotform Enterprise users can browse all of their organization’s teams using the Teams directory. They can also request to join new teams as needed.

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Privacy Options

Customize your
workspace visibility

With Jotform Teams, you have total control over how visible your workspace is to others. Increase team engagement by allowing other members of your organization to see your team in the Teams directory — or make your team private so it will only be visible to other members.

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Move Assets

Transfer existing forms to a team workspace

If you have existing forms in your personal Jotform account, you can easily transfer them to your team workspace in just a few clicks. You can also transfer team forms back into your personal account.

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Activity Log

Stay on top of
your team’s work

Ensure that your team is on track to meet project deadlines and quarterly goals. Use the activity log to monitor the latest changes made by each individual user. Increase visibility and accountability across your team.

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Admin Console

Manage your organization

Supervise your entire organization from one centralized place. Add new users, create different teams, review and manage forms for specific users, and track all user activity logs.

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Mobile App

Track submissions from any device

Track and manage form submissions as a team using Jotform Mobile Apps. Collect data with powerful forms you can manage straight from your phone or tablet. View your team’s forms, submissions, and members seamlessly. Get the full power of Jotform at your fingertips.

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