Giveaway Forms

20 Templates

Gather data about giveaway or sweepstakes applicants for your next event with Jotform’s free online Giveaway Forms. Choose one of the below templates to use as-is or customize it to match your needs. Then all you need to do is embed or share it to start collecting responses. Use these forms for fundraising events, sweepstakes, and more.

Personalize the look and feel of your giveaway forms with Jotform’s easy-to-use online builder. Drag and drop to change fonts and colors, add personalized text, upload logos or images, integrate with useful tools and widgets, and so much more — all without any coding required. Ditch messy paper forms and switch to Jotform’s powerful online Giveaway Forms for all your event needs.

Free Raffle Ticket Number Generator

Need a better way to organize your raffle? Try Jotform’s free raffle ticket number generator template here and simplify your raffle ticket process.

Order Forms

Raffle Ticket Form

Sell raffle tickets online with a free Raffle Ticket Form. Easy to customize, embed, and share. Collect payments instantly via 30+ popular payment processors.

Entertainment Forms

Sweepstakes Entry Form

A Sweepstakes Entry Form is an online form that is used to collect entries for a sweepstakes contest.

Business Forms

Raffle Participation Form

Raffle Participation Form provides you with the participants' contact information and the amount that they contribute.

Event Registration Forms

Christmas Giveaway Entry Form

The Christmas Giveaway Entry Form helps us arrange a holiday giveaway series and organize an exciting festivity that gives away prizes and gifts to any qualified customers. This is a way of giving back to the customers and giving joy and excitement during the holiday season.

Event Registration Forms

Sweepstake Entry Form

Collect raffle entries and give others a chance to win the contest by having them complete this Sweepstake Entry Form. This form template can be opened easily on any device since it is mobile responsive.

Entertainment Forms

Twitch Giveaway Registration Form

Host a Twitch giveaway with our free registration form template. Get giveaway entries fast. Easy to customize, embed, and share with your channel. No coding.

Gaming Forms

Giveaway Registration Form

Giveaway Registration Form that gathers registrant personal and contact details with further information on the event.

Charity Forms

Easter Giveaway Form

A free Easter giveaway form is used for a giveaway for people who have signed up for your form.

Registration Forms

Vacation Giveaway Entry Form

A vacation giveaway entry form is used by travel agencies or travel companies to manage entries to a vacation giveaway contest.

Giveaway Forms

Black Friday Giveaway Form

A Black Friday Giveaway Form is a form template designed to engage customers, generate excitement, and potentially increase sales during the Black Friday shopping period.

Black Friday Forms

Curbside Halloween Event Registration Form

Use this Curbside Halloween Event Registration Form for the approaching Halloween event in your neighborhood in order to know who will participate or who will not. This form template will help the organizer to handle and manage the event accordingly.

Entertainment Forms

Valentine Giveaway Form

With a Valentine Giveaway Form, you can collect information from your participants and choose a few lucky winners!

Marketing Forms

School Supply Giveaway Registration Form

A School Supply Giveaway Registration Form is a form template designed to streamline the process of organizing and managing a school supply giveaway event.

Registration Forms

SpeakerGiveaway Data Form

Collects Information for a Summit or Giveaway

Signup Forms

Mother's Day Giveaway Form Template

A Mother's Day Giveaway Form Template is a form template designed to help businesses run promotional campaigns and engage with their audience during the Mother's Day holiday.

Business Forms