5 DocuShare alternatives for document management in 2024

Document management software helps businesses store, manage, and track documents, reducing paper consumption and making it easier for employees to work securely and effectively from anywhere in the world.

There are several things to look for in document management software, writes Rick Yvanovich, founder and CEO at professional services firm TRG International. These include

  • Scanning capabilities
  • Search functionality
  • Built-in document editing
  • Document version controls
  • Universal format support

One solution that provides almost all of the functionality that Yvanovich recommends is DocuShare. Built by Xerox, DocuShare is an enterprise-level document management solution that provides secure cloud-based and on-premises storage, along with a range of desktop and mobile apps that allow users to work anywhere.

It’s not the only document management solution on the market, though. Here are five DocuShare alternatives to consider.

1. SharePoint

Image of SharePoint Document Management System

SharePoint is the favored document management system for many businesses, not least because it’s part of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. It includes features that allow users to store, share, organize, and collaborate on documents with ease, making it a great DocuShare alternative. It also pairs seamlessly with other Microsoft 365 programs and integrates with a host of other cloud applications.

You can segregate workflows using team sites, a feature that allows you to create a different area for each department or project team. Strong permission controls make it easy to ensure only the people you approve can access documents.

Compliance features should be a consideration when choosing any document management software, says IT professional Tim Ferrill. “Microsoft SharePoint Online takes this one step beyond the competition by offering rule sets that are tailored toward compliance, with specific laws and regulations based on geography,” he writes. “Microsoft also has the advantage of being able to offer operating system (OS)-level data protection features such as access controls set at individual and group levels and especially data encryption.”

2. OpenText

Image of OpenText Platform

OpenText Content Cloud is another DocuShare alternative, offering a complete content repository for businesses of all sizes. It offers all of the standard document management features, including accessible cloud storage, rapid information retrieval, and integration with a range of applications. The platform also boasts advanced features like corporate information governance, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and automation.

3. eFileCabinet

Image of eFileCabinet

eFileCabinet is a flexible software option that provides a scalable solution to your business document management needs. The platform includes a range of features such as smart automation, secure sharing, and governance, while also offering templates and workflow management.

Sharing files is particularly easy with eFileCabinet. You can share them with anyone inside or outside your organization, and there’s no limit to the number of guests you can have working inside your platform. At the same time, strict editing permissions and file permissions keep everything secure.

4. DocuPhase

Image of DocuPhase Software

DocuPhase provides a cloud-based and on-premises document management solution that uses automation to improve your workflow and processes. The software is designed to make each of the five components of document management (capture, storage, security, integration, and accessibility) simpler and more efficient.

The browser-based interface makes it easy for users to store, search, and download documents anywhere in the world, while enforced compliance features keep your company on the right side of the law.

The software is ideal for small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) that want a straightforward and intuitive approach to document management, writes Shlomi Lavi, CEO at ITQlick, a resource for software buyers. “Industries such as accounting, manufacturing, legal, and education sectors will find this tool quite handy in handling their documentation processes.”

5. DocuWare

Image of DocuWare Tool

It’s never been more important for employees to move seamlessly between different devices and locations. This makes a cloud-focused storage solution like DocuWare a valuable tool and a great DocuShare alternative. The company aims to create a cloud workflow for your documents with a heavy emphasis on the brand’s mobile app integration that lets users upload and approve items like invoices and receipts.

DocuWare doesn’t limit itself to storing and accessing Word documents or PDFs. Nicholas Fearn and colleagues at TechRadar report that you can use the platform to create a paperless approach for the full gamut of office-related tasks. There’s a use case for everything from invoicing to sales and marketing to employee management, with pricing determined by the features you need.

The best document management software for your business

There are many document management solutions for your business to choose from, writes Skye Schooley, a staff writer at business.com and Business News Daily. There are even free versions in addition to paid ones.

Choosing the best DocuShare alternative for you, though, will depend on the features you need. In order to determine which software solution works for your business, identify the features that are most important to you and then choose the solution that best aligns with them.

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