How to create a form in ClickUp

To manage projects smoothly, you need input from multiple people. But how do you collect this information without having to catch stakeholders in the hallway or email them repeatedly? That’s where online forms come in. ClickUp forms, in particular, make for quite the pretty picture.

Latrice Claiborne, a self-proclaimed “tech tools fanatic” and founder of Trinity Business Solutions, helps business owners improve efficiency in their processes with technology and automation. Project management software ClickUp — and its forms feature — is one of the many tools she uses to make this happen.

Keep reading to learn how to create a form in ClickUp, the benefits of doing so, and how Claiborne makes use of the feature in her own business.

The benefits of creating forms in ClickUp

Consider these advantages of creating forms in ClickUp:

  • Increased efficiency: Whether you’re collecting responses from 10 people or 10,000, a form is the most efficient option available. Just create it once, share it with the people you want input from, and watch the replies roll in. You can easily keep track of the responses in one centralized repository.
  • Greater affordability: While forms aren’t free in ClickUp, they’re not expensive, either. You can access forms with the platform’s least expensive paid plan, which is only $5 per member per month. Throw in a few extra bucks for its higher-tier plans, and you can even customize the branding of your forms.
  • Improved productivity: Since forms are part of the ClickUp ecosystem, they’re easy to integrate in a workflow. “For example,” Claiborne explains, “you could have ClickUp automatically convert form responses into tasks and assign that task to a specific team member to address.”

Pro Tip

Create forms in ClickUp and integrate with Jotform to gather task requests and project information.

Examples of using forms in ClickUp

One task where Claiborne uses forms is podcast planning. She’s created a form for podcast guests to fill out that includes fields for submitting useful files such as a headshot or a PDF. The form is also part of a ClickUp workflow she’s created that turns responses into tasks for her team to address to ensure guests are fully prepared come recording time.

Claiborne also has a form to collect client testimonials. The form is quite detailed and includes fields for

  • Client name
  • Company name
  • The problem the client was facing
  • The solution Claiborne implemented
  • Data points showcasing her team’s value-adds
  • Testimonial (written or video)
  • Headshot
  • Permission to share the testimonial for marketing purposes

“After the client submits the form, I have ClickUp automatically create and assign tasks to my team to add the testimonial to the website and follow up with the client,” says Claiborne. “Forms and workflows go hand in hand. I always recommend creating workflows if you’re going to use forms so you can maximize efficiency.”

How to create a form in ClickUp:

  • Open the space, folder, or list you want your form to be associated with.
  • Navigate to View -> Form. (If you’d like to “pin” your form so it always appears at the top of the space, folder, or list, check Pin view.)
  • Click the Add View button.
  • Customize the form to your liking using the available drag-and-drop fields, keeping in mind you can make fields required or optional.

In higher-tier plans, you can change the look and feel of the form to make it your own. Rebrand the form by removing ClickUp branding, altering the theme, modifying the color, and adding a logo. “Be sure to take advantage of this branding opportunity if you’re using a higher-cost plan,” says Claiborne.

Enhance your ClickUp experience with Jotform 

Jotform is a powerful form builder that can further enhance your ClickUp experience. You can integrate ClickUp with Jotform to gather task requests and project information through customizable online forms and set the tasks to appear in your ClickUp account automatically as new tasks — similar to how ClickUp’s native form feature works.

Need a new graphic for an upcoming advertising campaign? Set up a form that lets team members submit requests with a desired due date and description for a specific designer. Once team members submit their request, it automatically shows up as a task in ClickUp assigned to the specified designer.

With Jotform, you get extensive customization options with hundreds of form widgets and advanced design controls. It also features conditional logic, so respondents only see the fields that are relevant to them, based on their previous answers. Get started with one of these project management form templates or try out the integration today.

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