ClickUp vs User reviews of 3 key features

When it comes to managing complex projects, you need to be efficient. That’s where popular software solutions such as ClickUp and come in. They both have a variety of features that enable project managers to ensure their projects stay on track and on budget.

If you’re considering implementing either of these solutions, then this ClickUp vs comparison is just what you need to make an informed decision. Keep reading to see what actual users have to say about the features these platforms have in common.

ClickUp vs Users weigh in on 3 features

To put together this ClickUp vs mashup, we researched each of them on the trusted software review sites G2 and Capterra. Here are a few highlights:

Clearly, these two project management solutions are evenly matched on both review sites, but let’s get into specific features so you can see where one solution may be better suited for your needs than the other.

Note: We only included user reviews that rated the solution four stars to provide a more well-rounded critique.

1. Task management

One of the core capabilities of both ClickUp and is the ability to create, assign, and manage tasks. Here’s how users feel about this feature.

User reviews for ClickUp

“ClickUp is the best task manager I’ve used. In the past I’ve used Asana, Todoist, and Trello. ClickUp takes all the best features of these apps and integrates them into one.”

Jaden B., digital marketer | Capterra review

“I think the task tracking process could be better […] sometimes the UI gets a bit confusing for certain people in the company and doesn’t let them know what tasks were assigned to them.”

Felipe S., regional coordinator | G2 review

User reviews for

“I also like the fact that it has the ability to create and organize tasks, creating to-do lists and reports that help me understand and keep track of my own progress and my team’s progress simultaneously.”

Juliana A., CEO | Capterra review

“It’s easy for the system to become crowded if no one updates their tasks.”

Sarah J., system engineer | Capterra review

2. Automation

Both ClickUp and have automation capabilities that trigger actions to occur once certain conditions are met — without human intervention.

User reviews for ClickUp

“ClickUp is helping me better manage my client work, unify my internal processes, and plan my agency’s growth. […] it offers a robust automation system, which can save you hours every week on its own.”

Jacek P., marketing consultant | G2 review

“Overall the app is excellent, but from time to time, it takes a couple of minutes before the automation activates. We drag a task from one part to the next, and before I see the next things happen, I have time to set a coffee. It’s not a big problem because it’s not every single time, but sometimes it can be inconvenient when dragging around many tasks.”

Duncan B., software developer | G2 review

User reviews for

“The automation makes it so that as the work item progresses and updates are made, the team next expected to take over also sees these changes and has updates on their own boards as well. This has made balancing work a lot easier.”

Zuwayr W., technical content engineer | G2 review

“What I dislike about is that certain forms of automation could be more user-friendly and restrictive.”

Tomas G., sales | G2 review

3. Mobile app

Both ClickUp and have dedicated mobile apps, but do they hold a candle to their desktop versions?

User reviews for ClickUp

“The mobile version is seamless when using both a mobile and desktop. It is fantastic. The mobile version did everything I needed it to and most things are right where they needed to be for easy access.”

Jarrod L., manager | Capterra review

“While the ClickUp mobile app is functional, it may not have all the features available on the desktop version.”

Raksha S., business operations analyst | Capterra review

User reviews for

“The mobile app is also very easy to use and helps keep you up to date while on the move [but it] could be easier to use as you aren’t allowed to filter anything or make any real changes to any boards or dashboards.”

Alexander B., director of marketing | G2 review

“There are some critical features missing in [the] mobile app, such as checklists and form submission.”

George E., IT project manager | Capterra review

Decision time: ClickUp or

The user reviews above should provide a fair comparison to help you make an informed decision between the two platforms. But if you need more input on features we didn’t cover, check out the solutions’ respective G2 and Capterra pages.

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