ClickUp for nonprofits: What you need to know

Project management software can help organizations of all kinds reach their goals, stay within a specific scope, meet hard deadlines, and keep a close eye on expenses. While many project management tools are geared toward for-profit businesses, some can also help organizations in the nonprofit sector by streamlining administrative and other functions that underpin their core mission.

ClickUp is a highly customizable project management and customer relationship management tool that’s ideal for nonprofit organizations (in addition to for-profit businesses). In this article, we cover how you can effectively use ClickUp for nonprofits to help your organization effectively carry out its mission.

Contact ClickUp for nonprofit discounts

ClickUp understands that not all organizations have the funding to pay full price for its software, especially nonprofits that have limited resources. As a result, the company offers discounts for its Unlimited Plan, which is normally priced at $5.00 per user, per month.

If you contact ClickUp directly, describe your organization, and qualify for the program, the company will be happy to create customized pricing for you that more closely matches your budget. Keep in mind that ClickUp also has a Free Forever plan that’s ideal for personal use, so that may be an option for you if you’re a one-person nonprofit with a smaller-scale operation.

Get things done

A highly intuitive tool, ClickUp makes it easy for nonprofits to assign tasks to team members and volunteers. Each task can have multiple people assigned to it if needed, and you can even set multiple subtasks for each task. This way, you can be sure your team never forgets a task — no matter how minor.

Plus, a nonprofit can use ClickUp’s dashboard to track progress on a macro level. You’re able to see which areas of projects are falling behind and require assistance from additional team members, and which are progressing on time and on budget.

Oversee volunteers and their time

Volunteers are the heart of many nonprofit organizations. They connect with communities, take donations, and run operations. ClickUp enables an organization to handily create a volunteer schedule by dropping assigned tasks into the app’s Calendar view.

You can easily share the system with each volunteer so everyone knows when and where you need them, and you can use it to easily plan current and future events. Your organization’s executive team will enjoy a convenient overview of their events for the year, and you can track volunteer time, using ClickUp’s time tracking feature.

Use custom fields and formulas to track key data

Your nonprofit undoubtedly calculates and tracks many quantifiable items, including budgets, labor, and donations. Your executive team or board may require these numbers, so it’s important to ensure they’re accurate. ClickUp offers custom fields and formulas that you can apply at any level of the software hierarchy to automatically make advanced calculations as the software tracks data.

Collect information with forms

Collecting data, such as volunteer applications, donor information, and community feedback, is essential. You can easily create customizable forms, including your organization’s branding, within ClickUp to gather data.  And you can share forms with anyone, either via a link or by embedding them on web pages. To make sure no one in your organization drops the ball on follow-up, you can selectively or automatically turn form responses into tasks.

Integrate with other applications

Nonprofits are as likely as for-profits to use multiple apps, such as those for communication, payroll, scheduling, and other functions. ClickUp offers hundreds of native and third-party integrations, so it’s easy to ensure that all the applications you use communicate with one another. This assures you get up-to-date, real-time information from all your constituent sources.

Working in the nonprofit sector can be challenging when you have a limited budget and a long list of tasks and deliverables. However, with the right software at your fingertips, you can optimize your time and energy and reap the benefits. ClickUp offers nonprofits that capability; it can help you complete the work needed to accomplish your mission while helping ensure your budget, schedules, and resources are on track.

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