Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable,, or Pipedrive

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable,, or Pipedrive

It’s no secret that many people don’t look forward to filling out forms.

In fact, studies show that when customers receive a form with fields like name, email, or phone number prefilled, they’re more likely to complete the rest of the form.

Prefilling your forms improves the experience for your customers — saving them time and effort and making a necessary process easy. And everyone likes easy!

Now, Jotform is giving you more options to prefill your forms by expanding access to your data in Airtable,, and Pipedrive so your workflow goes both ways.

Workflow integrations already save you valuable time by linking your data-collection efforts with third-party databases. By importing customer fields directly from Airtable,, and Pipedrive tasks and records, you’ll see additional benefits like cleaner lists and higher end user engagement.

Prefill’s helpful functionality turns manual tasks into easy automation. And your workflow will be more efficient when working in-app, eliminating the back-and-forth toggling between tabs and screens.

Pro Tip

Send pre-populated forms to your users and boost conversion rates with Jotform.

Adding Prefill for your integrations empowers you to

  • Create a two-way flow between your integration data and your forms/surveys in Jotform
  • Speed data collection from your integration contacts and avoid duplicates in your CRM, project management, or sales databases
  • Prefill hidden form fields
  • Engage sales leads more easily by leveraging existing contact or lead lists
  • Securely send prefilled data to users by using token-generated URLs
  • Handle customer issues faster and more efficiently

Learn more about Jotform Prefill today!

How to use Prefill features for your workflow integrations


A no-code workspace that neatly fits your team’s needs, Airtable has become a critical piece in the software stack of many organizations. Prefill functionality will help nonprofits, IT businesses, learning institutions, and more automatically sync form submissions to (and from) Airtable for seamless data organization and collaboration.

Here’s how to prefill your forms with your Airtable data.

Assuming your form is already connected to your Airtable account, open your form in the Form Builder and click on the Publish tab.

Choose Prefill from the options in the left navigation. Click the green Authenticate button to connect your account, and you’re in.

Image showing the process of accessing a connected form in Form Builder, navigating to 'Publish', selecting 'Prefill', and clicking the 'Authenticate' button for Airtable connection

Next, identify the data you’d like to pull into your prefilled form.

First, select your base list, then select your table. From there, you can match your Airtable fields with the form fields containing information that’s more than likely permanent for your users — such as name, company, location/address, and so on.

When you’re finished, save your settings, and your Airtable-prefilled form will be complete.

When you’re ready to send your prefilled form, simply click the Add a New Prefill button.

Image highlighting the 'Add a New Prefill' button, indicating the action to send a prefilled form

You’ll be able to send a prefilled form to one, multiple, or all recipients from your chosen table. Click the Create button, and the next screen will display your selected recipients along with their unique prefilled form URL(s).

The URLs are token-generated for security and to safeguard the data being transmitted.

Screenshot displaying secure token-generated URLs, emphasizing data protection during transmission

From this screen you can also choose whether to give invited users edit or read only access for the prefilled fields in the form.

Click the vertical ellipses on the right to send the invitation, copy the URL, rename the recipient, or delete the prefill selection in one click.

Once you select the recipient(s), you’ll see button options to send the invitation or delete it.

To preview your prefilled form before sending, click the new tab link at the end of the URL.

Image showing a 'new tab' link next to a URL, indicating the option to preview a prefilled form

Also, if you need to edit your prefill settings, click the prefill settings link that appears once your initial settings have been saved.

Screenshot highlighting the 'prefill settings' link, accessible for adjustments after initial configuration

When your recipient receives the form, they’ll be happily surprised that some of their information is already filled in so they can quickly update the other info.

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday

Just so you know

Jotform Prefill also supports hidden form fields. If there’s a field from your integration you need to associate with your submitter in the form (i.e., number of years working with you, account level or permissions, etc.) but you don’t want it to be visible to your submitter, set the field to “hidden.” You can do this by clicking on the properties for the form element, then selecting the Advanced tab in the right navigation. Scroll down to select Hide field, and you’re all set.

If your team has more projects than they’ve got time to complete, they shouldn’t have to worry about data entry. Save them time by syncing details for existing project boards with prefill. From lead generation to event management, the integration allows teams to focus on important tasks while necessary data is updated automatically.

To prefill your form using data, follow the same steps mentioned above.

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday

Identify the projects within your chosen workspaces for which you’d like to create prefill entries.

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday

Whatever project data you’re looking to update, prefill will make the process faster and easier for your recipient.

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday
Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday


Prefill will help you update your existing Pipedrive contact information, fueling more efficient sales efforts. Additionally, your deal notes and activities will be populated faster for better sales funnel engagement and, ultimately, more conversions.

The process for prefilling forms with your Pipedrive contact lists is similar to the ones above. The main difference is in authenticating your account: You’ll enter your login instead of using an API key. You can log in with your credentials or by using single sign-on.

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday

Select your options (i.e., people, organizations, etc.) from your list to finalize your settings. In this case, I’ve chosen organizations for my prefilled request form.

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday

Select your organizations to create unique prefilled entries. From there, sending out prefilled forms to your Pipedrive recipients is as simple as a click.

Pre-populate your forms using data from Airtable, monday

Pro Tip

Users whose forms aren’t yet connected to their Airtable,, or Pipedrive accounts can set up the integration by generating their API key in the respective third-party account (or login for Pipedrive).

Then from the Settings screen in the Form Builder, add your integration, enter your API key, and authenticate your key to connect your account. You can learn more in our user guides for the Airtable,, and Pipedrive integrations.


Jotform Prefill aids productivity with helpful functionality that turns manual tasks into easy automation for your integrated accounts. As your data gets updated in Airtable, and Pipedrive so too will it automatically flow into your prefilled forms.

But that’s not all; we’ve also added in-app prefill functionality for Jotform Tables, Jotform Approvals, and the Thank You page.

Expanding Prefill throughout the platform and to more integrations streamlines your workflow and makes it easier for your end users to submit their forms.

Plus, Prefill is available for integrations on your mobile device, giving you added flexibility to be productive no matter where you are.

To learn more about Prefill 2.0 and its capabilities, join us on March 3, 2022 for a webinar discussing all things prefill.

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