7 of the best real estate agent apps

To be successful, real estate agents need convenient ways to track their properties, customers, and sales information, even when they’re busy and on the go. At the same time, they need to recognize that today’s buyers prefer to use digital platforms to search listings and interact with agents.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that — many, in fact. From tools to help you manage customer relationships to marketing and even floor plan design, here’s a look at the seven best real estate agent apps for 2024.

1. Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center

The Lab Coat Agents (LCA) Marketing Center app was created specifically with the needs of real estate agents in mind. With some of the same high-end design features as Canva, this app gives users a robust set of tools to quickly create polished visuals on the fly, especially for social media posts.

In a competitive market where buyers snatch up homes in a matter of moments, being the first to promote a listing can make all the difference. This app helps create gorgeous posts in moments and also provides templates for flyers, door hangers, business cards, and other important collateral. Plus, you can manage it all on a smartphone.

Lab Coat Agents Marketing Center Landing Page

2. Jotform

Jotform, one of the leading free online form builders, offers more than 10,000 form templates for professionals in every industry, including real estate. With the Jotform Mobile Forms app, agents can use online forms to capture and record detailed information on viewing requests, listings, and leads in the cloud — even when they’re on the go. Even better, Jotform’s forms and templates are also mobile-friendly, so customers can conveniently enter information from their smartphones to automatically add their submissions to your database.

You can customize each form to reflect your brand — you can even turn forms into PDFs for offline distribution. Jotform Tables makes it easy to connect your intake forms to a contact database, so you can always have an up-to-date CRM. With Jotform Sign, you can even securely gather e-signatures and save signed documents in your database.

Jotform also integrates with hundreds of other third-party platforms, so you can keep your leads in one database while still taking advantage of other programs for outreach and promotion.

With Jotform and other real estate agent apps, you can make the most of the housing market and position yourself as a dependable local industry leader.

3. Propertybase

Propertybase has emerged as a comprehensive real estate agent app that offers users the features they need to manage their entire agency. With the app, users can handle everything from marketing and sales to client communication, and they can even complete transactions.

The app’s powerful sales tools offer full customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities that guide users through designing sales pipelines, sending texts and drip campaigns to contacts, logging calls, and dialing phone numbers. The CRM tool even rates the value of each lead so you can spend less time prioritizing leads and more time closing deals.

User Interface of Propertybase

4. magicplan

Thanks to social media, consumers look for visual content more than ever. Many listings live or die by the quality of their pictures, but floor plans can be great supplements for photo galleries that don’t tell the whole story of a space. Unfortunately, no apps magically create professional-quality listing photos, but with magicplan, real estate agents can quickly draft accurate floor plans to help buyers better see a space’s potential.

Originally designed for contractors, magicplan scans each room to create floor plans with accurate dimensions, and it can even launch room-by-room 3D tours. An accurate floor plan could be a great perk for buyers looking to renovate a home or move quickly on a redesign.

User Interface of magicplan

5. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow is one of the most popular real estate listing sites in the world, so it makes sense the company has its own app for real estate agents. The Zillow Premier Agent app is free to use for any real estate professional who has properties listed on the site.

The app packages all the advanced sales and listing management capabilities for convenient use on a smartphone or tablet, so busy agents don’t have to be tied to their laptops. The main features of the app include CRM tools that allow users to import leads and contacts from personal databases, set up tasks to manage sales workflows, and even automate text messages and emails to potential buyers.

User Interface of Zillow Premier Agent

6. IXACT Contact

IXACT is one of the few real estate agent apps on the market that offers both CRM tools and social media management. Users can complete almost the entire process of listing, marketing, and showing a property, all within one convenient product.

Once a listing becomes available, agents can promote the property on social media and simultaneously send text messages and emails about it to potential buyers, all from one dashboard. The app even allows users to create and manage real estate websites.

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If you’ve ever wanted to fully automate the lead qualification process, this is the app for you. CINC lets real estate agents track exactly which listings their customers view and helps build detailed profiles of each lead to improve sales. The simple visual interface also makes it easy to manage your sales pipeline, providing clear data to help you determine which leads are more important to follow up with.

Best of all, the company promises to lower your total cost per lead by 20 percent within the first year of using the platform.

User Interface of CINC


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