Create Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants

If you don’t want to use a restaurant ordering app, why not cook up your own online system for to-go orders, curbside pickup, and deliveries with Jotform? Keep your restaurant up and running from a safe distance with custom online forms that collect food orders and payments all at once, with no extra transaction fees — your new bread and butter!



Customize Free Online Ordering Form Templates

Not sure where to start? Explore our readymade order form templates and choose one that suits your needs. All templates are easy to customize with our drag-and-drop Form Builder.

Grocery Order Form

Grocery Order Form

Bakery Order Form

Bakery Order Form

Sandwich Order Form

Sandwich Order Form

Process Food Orders and Payments

Collect payments with no additional transaction fees. Once you’ve integrated your form with one of our 30+ payment gateways — including Square, Stripe, and Authorize.Net — customers can select their items, provide pickup or delivery information, and add payment details with ease. You can even convert orders into PDF receipts or invoices automatically and email them back to customers with an autoresponder.

Process Food Orders and Payments

How to Create an Order Online Ordering System with Forms

Learn how to set up your online ordering system with Jotform. We demonstrate how to list your products, change quantity and price options, and link with payment processors so you can create a simple yet powerful online order form.

How to Create an Order Form


What our users say about Jotform

How to Create an Order Form
Hands down the reason I chose this company years ago was because of how much control I have over the forms — what goes on them, how and where they get sent, what info is seen or hidden, format, you name it. Jotform has the best designer software I’ve ever seen! All of those things make managing my orders and customers much easier.
Daniel Tuller
Owner - Tullerd

Food Ordering System FAQ

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  • What is an online ordering system used for?

    An online ordering system is used to order a product or service — usually through a web page or app.

  • What are the main parts of an order form?

    • The main parts of an online order form are
    • Company name and business address
    • Products or services for sale
    • Purchase order number
    • Customer’s delivery details
    • Customer’s payment details
  • What is an online ordering system?

    An online food ordering system is used by restaurants and grocery stores to accept food orders and delivery requests online. With Jotform’s online food order forms, you can create a custom online ordering system that works for your business — quickly collecting customer contact details, delivery details, and orders through your website.

  • How can I create an online food ordering system for my restaurant?

    With Jotform, you can build custom online food order forms to seamlessly accept restaurant orders and grocery orders online. Just add your items to your order form, customize the design to match your branding, and embed the form in your website or share it with a link. Depending on which option you choose, customers can pay online via a trusted payment processor or pay in person when they pick up the order.

  • Why is online ordering good for restaurants?

    For some restaurants, online ordering can open up a whole new revenue stream, improve brand visibility, and appeal to new customers by providing an easier way to place orders with your restaurant. On top of that, online ordering is ideal for individuals and companies placing catering orders, as it gives the restaurant or store more time to gather ingredients and prepare the kitchen for larger orders.

  • What forms do I need for my restaurant?

    Online food order forms are perfect for restaurants offering delivery or takeout options. No matter what cuisine you serve, we offer 60+ food order form templates to suit your needs — and if you can’t find a template that perfectly matches your business, customize one in a couple of clicks with our easy-to-use Form Builder. See more templates.

  • How can I create an order form?

    No coding skills? No problem! Making the perfect order form is easy with our drag-and-drop Form Builder. Simply choose an order form template or build a form from scratch. You can customize the form to match your branding, add your menu items, and embed it in your website to start collecting food orders online. Check out our free order forms guide to learn more.

  • How can I create product options?

    If you’d like to offer customers the option to remove or add ingredients for specific menu items, create sub-products. This is a great way for customers with dietary restrictions or food allergies to personalize their food orders.

  • Which type of order form should I use for my restaurant?

    Your restaurant’s order form needs to support the number of menu items you’re selling — so if you offer many different products with multiple customization options, a multiple-product order form with multiple choices is probably the best option. Learn more about order form types here.

  • How can I deliver food?

    If your restaurant has a driver available to complete deliveries, you can use your online order form to collect delivery details such as address, phone number, and the requested date and time of the delivery. Delivery orders are sent directly to your Jotform account and easily accessible on any device — including on your phone with our free mobile app — so you can quickly coordinate with your driver to process deliveries as quickly as possible. Learn more about food delivery here.

  • What payment methods can I offer to my customers?

    You can integrate your order form with our 30+ payment gateways, including PayPal, Square, and Stripe. All you need to do is connect Jotform to your preferred payment gateway, and you’ll be able to start accepting payments through your form — with no additional transaction fees!

  • Which integrations can I use for the food ordering process?

    Jotform offers 100+ free integrations, all of which are built to help speed up your workflow. Our payment processing integrations allow you to securely accept card payments directly through your form. Try our integrations for cloud storage solutions to store orders and receipts in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more. And if you send a restaurant newsletter to customers about events or menu updates, try our email marketing integrations to add customers to your email list automatically.

  • How do I manage my restaurant’s inventory?

    You can use online forms to manage your restaurant’s inventory, too! Simply create an online inventory form that lists all of your restaurant’s ingredients and supplies. Your staff can fill out the form on their phone, tablet, or computer as they do stock checks. And then you can view responses in your Jotform account on any device, making it easier to see your stock levels and place accurate supply orders fast.

  • How can I use Jotform to collect takeout, delivery, or catering orders?

    With Jotform, you can create online order forms that process takeout, delivery, or catering orders for your restaurant. Simply design the form with our drag-and-drop Form Builder, add your menu items, integrate with your preferred payment processor, and embed the form on your website to start collecting orders! You’ll receive submissions instantly, so it’s easier to keep track of each order while making your customers happy.