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How to Create File Upload Forms

How to Create File Upload Forms

There are several ways to accept uploads on your forms each with its own ups and downs, this guide will show them all.

Option #1: Add a File Upload Field to your form

This is the easiest way to allow your users to upload files to your form, and if you need to allow multiple files, you can change that same field to accept multiple file uploads.

1. To do that, click the FILE UPLOAD field to highlight it then click the GEAR icon to open its properties.

2. Go to the MULTIPLE tab then toggle MULTIPLE FILES to ON.

To learn more about adjusting the max file size, check our guide on Changing-the-upload-size-limit.

And if you want to change the allowed file types, feel free to visit this other guide on Which-file-types-are-allowed-for-the-upload-field.

Option #2: By utilizing Widgets

There are several widgets that you can add to your form which would allow users to upload files:

1. Image Upload Preview

2. Drag and Drop Upload

3. Kloudless File Uploader

4. Transloadit 

5. File Uploader by Uploadcare 

6. Infusionsoft Upload

Each platform offers some added/unique features so be sure to check them out and use the one that fits your needs.

Comments and suggestions are welcome below. If you have a question, post it in our Support Forum so we can assist you.

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  • Phillip

    What plan can be used to have an attachment portion of a survey?

  • davisware

    Can I give the FileUpload field a unique Name. I don't see the Advanced\Field Details\UNIQUE NAME

  • lauradurso3

    I am unable to download a video on my form

  • davisware

    Can we get the URL to the Uploaded file in the webhook return? Or where can we access the file uploaded?

  • sujoycalin

    my form collects pdf files but email does not show as attachment

  • clstutor

    At our office we had a JotForm that was created by a previous employee. How would we be able to access the form to edit it? The link to the form is the following. I hope that you will be able to assist us.
    Char Scamihorn
    Center for Learning Strategies
    Rockford Universtity

  • Johnston_Lisa

    You guys have the best customer support. Thanks!

  • ShiplakeVillages

    Hi, this is very helpful but I'd like some more info please.

    I'm using Option#1 to give form responders the opportunity to upload files. I can see that any such files are stored in Jotform and when I access the submissions on JotForm there is a link included to the file, which, when I click it, causes the file to be downloaded by my browser.
    When we finish our current campaign I will want to download the submissions in spreadsheet format and pass them to someone else to analyse but I notice that the links in the spreadsheet don't work - I get an error message equivalent to a 404 message.

    I can see there's a "download all uploads" option and I've tried this (about 10 mins ago!) but haven't had any response as yet!

    Can you give me some advice about how this side of the file upload feature is intended to work - or point me towards a relevant guide.

    Many thanks

    Gareth J

  • Dpgriffin

    Hello, I have inserted the File Upload element into a form, but all of its properties are grayed out. How do I make those features accessible? Many thanks!

  • Misha M

    Hi there, am I able to have all the responses and files sent through to my form sent directly to a google folder and sheet? Thanks!

  • knaylor.121

    I set my number of uploads to a maximum limit of four files, and it seems to work nicely.
    Is there any way to set a minimum number of files as well as the maximum?

  • BOZ

    I want to customize my our form my selves

  • mjac522

    Can clients upload files with PII securely? For example an employee health insurance application.

  • Mo

    Is there any way to make to add a price per upload. As example. One upload coasts 5$ and when the client uploads 5 files it will charge $25...

    Is that possible somehow?

  • tecknow

    The user has uploaded the files. But those others in the workflow who get the {editlink} to that form are unable to download the uploaded files. I am using the Drag & Drop widget. What am I doing wrong?

  • Kristina

    I have a form with the option to upload pics but I can't open any of them. I've now received a message that I've reached my limit and I have to purchase more or my form will be disabled. I would rather delete this section of my form and find another way for my customers to send me pics ie. via email. How can I do this?

  • Junior

    I want to successfully completed my jot form

  • schools216

    When we did a test run of an online form with a PDF upload, we are not receiving the submission by email. It is coming through when we view submissions but still no email. Would be grateful for help? Thank you.

  • USVI

    When you refer to File Upload Field, is this the same as an attachment? I would like the user/s to attach (upload) a resume with the application.

  • Kemi

    I can't upload pics In an online form.. Pls tell me how to do it

  • jinson jose

    where is the coding?

  • Martha Ezell

    After member data is uploaded to the Jotform database, can the member access her own record to make a change such as a phone number? If not, is this functionality Being considered?
    If a member fills out the same form twice, will the system update, replace, or just add the second form as a duplicate?

  • kristenb

    Is there a way to allow those filling out the form to select multiple files at one time. I use a form with this option, but my team has to click on upload>select documents>select gallery>select picture for each individual picture.

    Can You mass select photos?

  • Tina Cummings

    Can you upload files to and from Google Drive and choose where they get stored?

  • tctawards

    Is there a way I can download all of the uploaded attachments? Instead of going into each application and downloading the file?

  • jacckkh


  • jfm000

    where do the uploaded file go?

  • kucyouth

    unfortunately the 'upload a file' does not work? Any suggestions?

  • youngm

    What is the max file size limit for photos being uploaded?


    Hi JotForm,

    i kinda revived a form from 2013 and enabled it again. But now there seems to be a problem with the file upload. When i fill in the form and click submit i get an upload error screen. Can you help me?



  • Marfieldcom

    For the default file upload form field

    Is there a file size limit on JotForm's end, or can we set them to upload an unlimited number of files of an unlimited size?

    Is there a file purge time limit on JotForm's end, or do the files stay out there indefinitely?

  • civic6

    Can I create a form that will automatically add the uploaded form to me site?


    How to createa form from an existing source form?