Changing the File Upload Size Limit

October 11, 2021

You may want to adjust the file size limit of your upload forms to allow more than the default value. However, the situation gets complicated if you’ve integrated your forms with Dropbox or Google Drive.

We’ve made a quick reference list of the upload size limits as stated on Dropbox’s and Google Drive’s official pages. Note that these limits may change along with Google or Dropbox’s policies and the numbers below may not be fully accurate. If you notice something is off, let us know in the comments.

Jotform individual max file size = 1GB or less per file (use 1048576 value in KB to set the 1GB limit)

Jotform maximum number of files = Recommended value is up to 25 files per submission

Dropbox individual max file size = 1GB.

🔘 Keep in mind of your monthly plan for Jotform when you’re uploading to JotForm.

🔘 1GB is the max upload size for JotForm. This applies to the Single File Upload field. If you enable Multiple File Upload, the max file size is capped at 100MB. 

🔘 Google Drive gives only 15GB of space. If you do not purchase additional space, uploads larger than remaining allotted space will not complete.

Here’s how to change the File Upload size limit on any form: 

1. Add a FILE UPLOAD field to your form.

2. Click the GEAR icon to open its properties.

3. Go to the OPTIONS tab.

4. Turn ON the LIMIT FILE SIZE option and set the MINIMUM and MAXIMUM file size limit (in KB) that you prefer.

How’d you do? If you have suggestions or comments about upload limits, please feel free to use the comments section below or opening a new thread in the forum page.

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