Suggestions to add on google sheet integration user guide

  • andoverbeacon
    Asked on March 9, 2019 at 5:23 PM

    By experimenting, I think I've learned the following, all of which it would be great if you could add to this user guide.

    - When you create a Google Sheets integration, JotForm will try to find the folder name you give it wherever it may exist in your Google Drive account, even if it is a subfolder, a sub-subfolder, etc. This can cause unexpected results, so be careful!

    - If Jotform can't find a folder (or subfolder, sub-subfolder, etc.) with the folder name you specify, it will create a folder with that name as a folder in your My Drive folder.

    - When you give JotForm a name for the sheet to contain the form's submissions, it does NOT search for a sheet with that name. Rather, it CREATES A NEW SHEET (in the folder you specified) and assigns the name to that new sheet.

    - The integration between form and sheet is based entirely on the unique URL of the new "integrated" sheet. That means you can move the integrated sheet to a different folder and your form will still find it (because its URL doesn't change when you move it). You can rename the sheet, and your form will still find it. You can create a new sheet with the same name you gave the integrated sheet, but the form will NOT pay any attention to the new sheet ... it will still look for the integrated sheet based on its unique URL.

    - You can even Remove the integrated sheet (which just moves it to Google Drive's Trash folder), and your form will still find it and update it with new submissions.

    - Only if you move the integrated sheet to the Google Drive Trash folder and then find it there and click "Delete Forever" will its unique URL cease to exist. Once you do that, all subsequent form submissions will simply not be sent to a Google sheet (and there will be no error message). If you edit your form, go to Settings, go to Integrations, go to Google Sheets, it will say your Google Sheets integration is up and running, but if you click on the unique URL that JotForm displays, you'll get an error message from Google saying, "Sorry, the file you have requested has been deleted." To fix the problem, you'll have to Remove Integration and create a new Google Sheets integration for your form.

  • jonathan
    Replied on March 9, 2019 at 5:40 PM

    Thank you for your feedback. We will evaluate your suggestions and apply them on the Google Sheet integration user's guides.