Hi Jotform. I would like to know is that possible to create approval fo

  • Teacher Siti
    Asked on September 21, 2021 at 6:34 AM

    Hi Jotform. I would like to know is that possible to create approval form that is automatically pop up message APPROVE or DENIED based on the field that my customer click ? I am gonna build a health declaration form for student that they need to answer before coming to school. So the question will be like :-

    Example :

    Question 1 : are you having fever ?

    If student answer YES, then after the student submit the form, automatically they get answer approve or deny WITHOUT need approver to view the form.

    Can you advise ? Thank you.

  • egemen
    Replied on September 21, 2021 at 9:06 AM

    Thank you for contacting Support,

    You can use IF/ELSE conditions in your approval. I have created a simple form similar to what you’re trying to create and demonstrated on that form. This is the example form:1632229396 6149d81405323 Screen Shot 202 Screenshot 10

    1. Delete the direct line from Form response to the Approval element. Then add an IF/ELSE condition and set it up to check that answer to “Are you having fever?” is Yes. 1632229440 6149d8404476f step1 Screenshot 21
    2. Connect Form response to the condition we created. Add another approval near the condition. We will set this approval to be Deny only. Connect the TRUE branch of the condition to the new approval element, and connect the FALSE branch to the existing approval element. So if the answer to that question is not Yes, the approval flow continues like normal. 1632229495 6149d877b5027 step2 Screenshot 32
    3. Edit the preferences of the new approval element we added. Firstly, remove “Approve” from the available outcomes. Then go to the advanced tab and activate “Automatically Finish the Task”. Select 1 hour as the duration, and “Deny” as the outcome. After setting this up, this approval element will automatically resolve to “Deny” after 1 hour. Unfortunately this is the shortest duration we offer currently. You can change to approver email address to an address that you rarely use since they will resolve in 1 hour automatically and don’t require attention. 1632229514 6149d88a56aa7 step3 Screenshot 43