How to associate the forms i create with my account, i will be creating the forms using "anywhere builder"?

  • narenberacah
    Asked on May 6, 2014 at 12:03 AM

    I am planning to use your services to create ad-hoc forms within my application using the anywhere builder. My question is how do i associate the forms created using the anywhere builder with my account (created in the jotform site). Can the "Provide an email for submission notification" be avoided once the form has been created (if i am to associate the form created to my jotform account!).


  • narenberacah
    Replied on May 6, 2014 at 2:30 AM

    is it possible at all?

  • TitusN
    Replied on May 6, 2014 at 5:37 AM


    I'm afraid not - in reference to the documentation,  the app generates guest accounts - which need to declare an email account each time so that the form's submissions can be delivered.

    Sorry about that.

    Have you considered using Sub Accounts on the Jotform Builder?

    What kind of workflow are you looking at? Please let us know.

  • narenberacah
    Replied on May 6, 2014 at 5:41 AM

    hi, thank you for the reply..

    i was expecting like (the following)


    1. create a jotform account (initially with free version, later use an upgrade)

    2. generate api key

    3. use the api key/jotform account with anywhere form builder (within my app to build/create forms to my jotform account) (essentially end users of my web app will be using this feature)

    4. get the newly created form details into my app

  • TitusN
    Replied on May 6, 2014 at 5:56 AM


    A possible workaround -

    The app uses the current browser session to generate guest accounts - so if your Jotform account is currently signed in on the same browser - the form created using Jotform Anywhere will be associated with your account - and the notification email for your account will be prepopulated when creating a form using the app. .

    All you need to do is log in to your Jotform account on the same browser session the form creator is loaded from -

    I hope this helps.

  • narenberacah
    Replied on May 6, 2014 at 6:14 AM


    Thanks for the reply again.

    Can the login process be automated via the javascript api? 

    or is it possible via any server side api?

  • TitusN
    Replied on May 6, 2014 at 6:22 AM

    I'm afraid not.

    You could, however, automate the login process by saving the login creds on the browser - which will load the same session everytime you open the browser - something similar to this Mozilla Firefox plugin -

    I hope that helps.