Announcing the Adobe Document Cloud eSign Widget

Announcing the Adobe Document Cloud eSign Widget

We are pleased to announce a new widget available immediately to all Jotform users – the Adobe Document Cloud eSign widget.

With it, users can link their forms to Adobe’s secure eSigning services (formerly known as EchoSign). This gives Jotform users access to the market leader in PDF document signing services. They can use it to sign employment contracts, business agreements, or any other type of document you need two parties to agree to in writing.

The way it works is first you create your form as usual. You’ll also need an Adobe Document Cloud account. Add all the fields you’d like included in it, and also include the Adobe Document Cloud eSign Widget at the bottom.

Authorize Jotform to integrate with your Adobe Document Cloud account. Embed your form on a web page as usual, or send it out with the permanent link via email. When the user is done filling out the form, they can press the Adobe eSign button. It will then automatically generate a completed copy of your form, open the generated document in Adobe Document Cloud where your form users will securely sign it. Copies are forwarded to each party.

Check out the Adobe Document Cloud eSign widget today! Tell us about your experience with it in the comments.

Steve is Chief Revenue Officer at Jotform and is a prolific writer and presenter about marketing. Raised in Southern California, he earned a MBA in marketing and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area. You can reach Steve through his contact form.

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