5 agile project management software solutions

Businesses and agencies of all sizes, as well as individuals, that use the agile method can use agile project management software. In other words, it’s specifically designed to make agile projects more efficient.

One of the greatest benefits of agile project management software to an agile team is that it fits seamlessly into your everyday workflows. Many agile project management tools also offer integrations that make it easy to plug into the apps and tools without a learning curve. Other agile project management tools offer deep customization and personalization to help create the exact product your team needs.

Truth be told, there are many software tools on the market today that might work for your team. Trying to force a traditional software program to support agile can be clumsy and time-consuming, so why not let a dedicated agile software tool do it for you?

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Here’s a look at the top five agile project management software solutions available to teams today.

1. ClickUp

ClickUp stands out from other tools by offering more than project management. Specifically, ClickUp helps teams plan, organize, and collaborate across a host of different apps and tools. You can create documents, add to calendars, create goals, and send messages through a built-in inbox.

For this reason, ClickUp seeks to replace the suite of apps that most teams use for creating content, chatting, sharing updates, and creating time lines. Having all of these functions available in a single location saves time and eliminates the challenge of apps not working together. ClickUp also offers features such as backlog management, prioritization, resource management, status tracking, and team management.

2. Jira

With Jira, project management teams can easily capture and organize issues in a single location. This agile software tool supports teams that use scrum, kanban, and other hybrid models. Jira helps you across all stages of the project life cycle, from start to finish.

This tool guides you through the essential steps of project management by making it easy to create user stories and sprints. It then helps you distribute tasks to team members of your choice.

Jira is great for remote teams because it’s easy to track progress from a single location. Jira’s intuitive communication tool also allows teams to discuss and remedy any issues that arise before they put a damper on the long-term success of the project.

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3. Easy Project

Easy Project’s user-friendly design and intuitive workflows make project management a visually compelling process. Another benefit of Easy Project is that the tool works with a range of different industries and team sizes because it has a highly flexible and customizable interface that can flex to meet the demands of the company.

For example, educational institutions can maintain control of limited resources while promoting effective, money-saving collaboration across all departments. Easy Project’s features help education teams budget their resources, resolve administrative issues, create schedules, and book classrooms in addition to managing knowledge internally and externally. No matter what you’re trying to create with agile, Easy Project will adapt to your needs and goals.

4. Productboard

Productboard is intentionally built for the workflows you already use in your agile projects. It’s designed to make it easier not only to establish best practices for project management but to enforce them among all employees and projects for seamless and timely project delivery.

Productboard is foremost a tool for managing product development and execution from start to finish. Yet it also helps companies nurture meaningful customer relationships by incorporating their feedback into the product creation process. It does this by helping teams communicate with customers to keep them informed about what’s being created, what’s been finished, and what’s coming next. This helps foster a deep connection with customers and shows them that their opinions are valued, thereby creating loyalty.

5. Target Process

Many project management software tools are designed to be flexible and customizable. But Target Process is already a natural fit, and you don’t have to do any extra work to get the productivity your team needs.

Target Process is designed for larger companies with many different subsidiaries, goals, and portfolios that need to be tracked and processed. One of the leading agile project management tools for integrations, Target Process connects with work tools, including GitHub, GibLab, and DevOps. These native integrations help teams become even more productive without having to change the processes and tools they already use. With Target Process, you don’t have to worry about checking in on project statuses with each employee — you can see it all from a single dashboard.

Whether you’re looking for a better project scheduling tool or you want to build the next great product, these agile project management tools can empower your team to be more efficient and productive on a daily basis.

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