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A well-run event needs an efficient way to track attendees and collect ticket payments online. As an event planner, event manager, or event marketer – you’re going to want a convenient and intuitive system to keep all your ducks in a row, and make event registration a breeze. Here’s why you should use Jotform for event registration management.

1. Jotform has the lowest fees in the industry.

Jotform does not charge per-ticket fees. Zip, zero, nada! The only expense is the standard credit card processing fee. This helps you keep your ticket prices down and, in turn, sell more tickets, which means more money for you! Jotform integrates with all the top payment processors including Square, Stripe, and PayPal, so you have options. You can even set up recurring payments with Jotform, which can come in handy if you’re running an event or workshop series.

2. Tracking RSVPs is easy.

With Jotform, RSVPs are automatically stored in your Jotform inbox and you’ll receive email notifications when someone responds. Integrate with the spreadsheet of your choice, which can include Excel and Google Spreadsheets. When a new customer buys a ticket, their information can be automatically inputted into your spreadsheet in real time, so you can have everything you need in a handy sheet. At your event, a host can easily check-in guests with your online or printed out list of attendees.

3. Jotform offers advanced design functionality.

Event planners know the importance of an attention-grabbing event form. You want to entice people to attend, after all! With Jotform’s form designer, you can customize fonts and colors,

upload your company logo, and make a professionally designed form in just minutes. Your event registration form will look sleek and professional, and you can even customize your URL.

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I hope you enjoy creating your custom event registration form with Jotform! Have questions? Ask them below!

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