Submit Your Form Designs to the Theme Store!

JotForm is about to release one of our most exciting features ever – The Jotform Theme Store. This will be a place where users can buy and sell their form designs among each other.

Publish your forms to the Theme Store today to be featured when the Theme Store is launched on Dec 15th!

Here’s how to publish your forms to the Theme Store.

1. On the My Themes page, click Create New Theme button. This will open up the Form Designer.

2. Select the form you’d like to add to the store and click Create Theme button.

3. Add your Theme Name and Theme Description then click Next button.

4. Add Keywords and then click Save Theme. If you want to sell your form or use your own screenshot, you can also do those things on this page.

That’s it! Your form is now published to the Theme Store.

Here is a video tutorial:

Submit your theme today to be among the first themes our users will see when the Theme Store is launched on December 15th.

This article is originally published on Dec 09, 2014, and updated on Nov 01, 2021.
Aytekin Tank is the Founder and CEO of Jotform and the author of Automate Your Busywork. A developer by trade but a storyteller by heart, he writes about his journey as an entrepreneur and shares advice for other startups. He loves to hear from Jotform users. You can reach Aytekin from his official website

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