How to use Jotform to get ahead at work in 2024

How to use Jotform to get ahead at work in 2024

Everyone wants to stand out in the workplace, but many of us don’t know where to start. Whether you’re dealing with massive organizational charts, bureaucratic workflows, or pressure from wearing so many hats, it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing more you can contribute.

But what if there was a way to simultaneously collect useful data, tighten up business processes, and save time and effort?

You can do all that and more with Jotform. Our product suite is designed to help you eliminate busywork so you can make things easier for your team, your managers, and yourself. Build custom forms in minutes, collect online payments, connect with other apps using one of our 100-plus integrations, create spreadsheets and presentations, send professional PDFs, and much more.

If you’re ready to stand out at work, read on for the top ways you can use Jotform to streamline workflows and increase productivity. Let’s get into it!

Power your organization with a mobile app

Let’s be real — customers, users, and clients alike love the convenience of a mobile app. By giving users the ability to submit documents, schedule appointments, and order ahead online, mobile apps have made it easier for people to get connected, no matter where they are.

And mobile apps aren’t just useful for customers, either. They can also be used internally to collect HR documents from employees, streamline workflows, gather feedback forms, schedule meetings, and more.

While building a mobile app for your business seems like a no-brainer, there are some barriers — like the burden of time or the cost of a developer. That’s where Jotform Apps comes in. You can build a custom app for your organization without using your organization’s IT resources or hiring a third party.

Just use our no-code online app builder, which lets you drag and drop to add forms, widgets, products, and more. You can share multiple forms within the app or store internal documents in a custom company portal for easy access. Plus, you can share your app via link, email, or QR code to make sure it gets into as many hands as possible.

Worried about tedious customization? Don’t be! You can add your logo as the app icon, install premade color schemes, and update the fonts and splash screen according to your preferences.

With access to 600-plus free templates, 80-plus elements, and more than 70 widgets, you can build an app for your business that’s easy to download onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Creating an app for your organization is sure to impress!

Build a seamless online store

Every online merchant needs an effective, user-friendly, online store to facilitate sales. If your organization lacks a robust online store for its products, services, or subscriptions, then look no further than Jotform Store Builder.

Whether you need to sell products, collect registration fees, accept donations, or schedule services, you can create a show-stopping online store that allows you to receive payments through one of over 30 supported payment gateways — including PayPal, Stripe, Venmo, Square, and Apple Pay.

There are no additional transaction fees for collecting payments through your online store, and Jotform’s advanced security measures ensure that your customer transactions are protected.

Just drag and drop to customize your store with 80-plus ready-to-use widgets. Include your logo and add product images, descriptions, and pricing. You can also add a search bar to make it easier for your customers to find your products.

Once the store looks good to go, you can embed it in your website, add a QR code to flyers, or send a link to customers via email. And you can do it all without a lick of coding.

Transform your document signing process

Waiting for clients or customers to sign documents can create a bottleneck in your workflows, which results in more time and resources spent on paperwork. Lucky for you, Jotform Sign enables you to create and share documents that your customers and clients can sign in minutes.

If you’re collecting contracts, audit reports, consent agreements, or applications, you can automate your document signing process by turning existing PDFs into e-sign documents in a single click. With our drag-and-drop builder, it’s easy to create the perfect form for your organization. And you can edit or share it as many times as you need.

Jotform Sign offers a host of automation features, including field detection capabilities, instant notifications about signer actions, and much more, so you can eliminate more of your pesky manual tasks. Plus, all documents will be stored in Jotform Tables and your Jotform Inbox for safekeeping.

Taking your document-signing process digital will not only improve processes and save time and money, but it’s also good for the environment.

Revamp approval flows

Does your organization require multiple rounds of approvals that hold up decisions for weeks or months on end? We have a solution that might just make you the star of your team.

You can collect information requests, job applications, HR documents, and more with Jotform’s online forms. Jotform Approvals puts the submission data you collect to work by kicking off an automated approval flow — all without any coding.

The Jotform Approvals drag-and-drop interface lets you add conditional logic, approvers, and emails to your approval process. You can easily set up automated completion rules and reminders, allow approvers to reassign the approval, and more. Once a decision-maker has approved or denied a request, respondents will receive a notification letting them know about the decision.

If a large group of people is involved in an approval, you can use Jotform Group Approvals to simplify the process. This feature gives you the flexibility to add more than one approver to a single approval step, select approval rules, and oversee the group approval process so no task slips through the cracks.

Not only will your teammates thank you, but your clients, executives, and stakeholders will as well.

Convert form data into professional reports

Building reports to send to your managers or clients can be stressful — making sure your numbers are right, your charts are readable, and your reports look professional is difficult.

Jotform Report Builder turns collected feedback, poll answers, survey responses, and customer data into visually appealing reports and presentations without any coding. Every report is fully customizable to match your branding.

You can share reports via email, link, or as PDFs. Alternatively, you can embed them on your social media platforms or website. Embedded reports automatically update with each new submission. You’ll have full control over your privacy settings to ensure your reports stay secure.

Stakeholders will respond to powerful visuals, especially when the data reveals important business trends. There’s never been an easier way to uncover business insights and facilitate smarter decisions.

Transform your data into a powerful workspace

Managing your organization’s data is a monumental task when your data platform can’t accommodate all your needs. Toggling between third-party apps for data collection and analysis not only takes up time, but creates room for error and the possibility of losing critical information.

Jotform Tables lets you collect, organize, and manage data in one robust workspace that you can tailor to your exact requirements and use cases. Whether you need to handle project management tasks, create and track business budgets, streamline the HR onboarding process, or schedule and manage appointments, Jotform Tables has a solution for you.

The best part is that you can easily share your tables with teammates, colleagues, and clients for effortless collaboration. Just assign entries and customize your access settings to control who can view and edit your workspace. Your teammates will thank you for simplifying their work and keeping the organization’s information safe and organized.

But wait — isn’t it difficult to build custom tables? Not with Jotform’s no-code interface. Once you create an online form, your submission data will auto-populate into the associated table, or you can import existing data from CSV or Excel files into our platform. You can even enter data manually.

Jotform offers a variety of ready-made column types to choose from, so you can do things like search and filter your data, add formulas, and complete calculations. You’ll also have the freedom to forward data to other parties, send emails, and automatically create PDFs without leaving Jotform Tables.

Choose Jotform to excel at work

Jotform is an all-in-one solution that will give you an advantage in managing and streamlining your organization’s workflows. The best part? It’s completely free, accessible, and easy to use. With features like conditional logic, professional reports, payment processors, and powerful integrations, Jotform can help you simplify work processes and make you stand out.

Ready to unlock your full potential? Learn more about Jotform’s offerings today.

Tryn Brown is a copywriter at Jotform. A California native, she has worked as a writer and editor in multiple industries in the Bay Area — including nonprofits, publishing, and tech. In her free time, she enjoys writing creatively for literary publications, running, and eating spicy Thai food. You can reach Tryn through her contact form.

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