12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success

12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success

Data collection is what drives us to continuously improve upon our product. But almost as important is data connection. For your small to medium-sized business or startup workflow to be efficient, your collected data needs to connect to the software and apps you use every day. That connection happens through software integrations.

According to an e-book by Pandium, The State of Product Integrations at the SaaS 1000, the fastest growing marketing technology companies have an average of 46 product integrations, though categories like CRM and e-commerce tend to number in the hundreds. Software solutions are keeping pace with the business need for turnkey data connection, and integrations have gone from “nice to have” to “must have.”

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Now that the holidays are upon us, business is picking up, and order and donation volume is heavy. To help you tackle your to-do list this season, we’ve curated 12 integrations and form widgets that will help you be more productive with your data collection so you can enjoy a successful holiday!

12 Jotform integrations and widgets for the holidays

Jotform has over 130 integrations to connect your collected data to the software platforms you depend on everyday. Plus, our widgets enable you to add key usability elements to the forms your users fill out, assisting with form conversion.


Email marketing and CRM

Communicating with customers quickly is always important — but even more so during the holiday season. We offer more than 30 integrations with popular CRM and email platforms, making the transfer of data from form to customer management system seamless. Here are two great email and CRM integrations.

  • Mailchimp.Your Mailchimp contacts will automatically be updated with each form submission you receive. Plus, you can add tags to your contacts so you can launch targeted marketing campaigns (including direct mail). As an added bonus, Mailchimp has a free plan that’s ideal for beginners. Spend less time manually transferring data and more time growing business this holiday season.
Image of Forms for Mailchimp
  • HubSpot. Marketers love HubSpot for its real-time notifications, automatic customer interaction tracking, and turnkey task management. By instantly populating your HubSpot CRM with the lead generation data you collect through your online forms, you’ll never have to manually transfer contacts again — saving you time that’s better spent getting to know your customers.
Image of HubSpot Integration

Payment processing

Make collecting debit, credit card, or ACH payments a snap this holiday with our range of payment processor integrations. It’s as easy as choosing your favorite payment gateway and adding it to your online (or embedded) form. Here are two excellent options.

  • PayPal. PayPal is a payments market leader because of the flexibility and resources it offers. We have a variety of PayPal integrations, allowing you to collect funds via credit or debit card, PayPal, Venmo, invoice, and more. Plus, PayPal Business lets you collect funds in 100+ currencies across the globe. Jotform charges no additional transaction fees — so you only have to pay your regular PayPal rate.
Image of PayPal Business Integration
  • Stripe. Stripe is a similarly well positioned payment processor, and supports numerous currencies and payment types across the globe. Stripe also supports ACH payments, which allow you to receive funds directly from your customer’s bank account. ACH payments are well suited to larger and high-value transactions like business-to-business payments or subscriptions that need to be collected on a regular cadence.
Image of Jotform Stripe Integration

Website and app productivity

Getting things done quickly is super important during the holidays, so integrations that accelerate your efficiency are key. Whether you need to have apps share information or to seamlessly create forms as you build or edit pages on your website, here are two integrations that are up to the task.

  • Weebly. When it comes to website builders, Weebly’s ease of use ranks high. Its drag-and-drop editor enables you to adapt your site pages quickly for holiday messaging. Our integration lets you embed forms on your site pages as well as access the Jotform app from the Weebly app center. Including forms and collecting data on your Weebly site is fast and easy.
Image of Weebly Integration
  • Webhooks. Speaking of efficiency, webhooks simplify the process of automatically notifying one app when a task or event in another app takes place. For example, if your products are selling out fast during the holidays, a webhook established between your order form software and your inventory software can help accurately communicate product levels.
Image of WebHooks Integration


  • Address verification. In the lead up to the holidays, having accurate information can make all the difference for the customer and your accounting department. Use the Lob address verification widget to validate and standardize domestic and international mailing addresses.
  • 12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success Image-1
  • Unique IDs. Need an easy way to generate unique identifiers for your order, booking, or donation submissions? Use this widget to create order IDs or reference numbers and keep track of your inventory during a busy season.
  • 12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success Image-2
  • Inventory management. Speaking of inventory, this widget helps you manage your levels and avoid overstocking. You can automatically block users from selecting more products once the allotment of stock has been bought out. Perfect for selling limited-item baked goods or food over the holiday!
  • 12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success Image-3
  • Form calculation. Why spend time adding conditional logic to your forms when you can add a widget to do the work for you? A great way to add up totals for orders or invoices, the form calculation will have you up and running as fast as Santa’s sleigh.
  • 12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success Image-4
  • Identity verification/Captcha. Unfortunately a lot of “Scroogebots” come out of the woodwork during the holidays. The good news is that you can help make sure those responding to your forms are actual people by adding an identity verifying Captcha to your form.
  • 12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success Image-5
  • SMS confirmation codes. Looking to provide that extra measure of signup or order confirmation during this busy season? You can use this free widget, powered by Twilio, to confirm user identity when filling out your forms, or to provide the user additional confirmation on their smartphone.
  • 12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success Image-6

Adding integrations and widgets

In the Form Builder, adding widgets is a matter of a few simple clicks. And adding integrations is as simple as entering your username and password to authenticate your account and connect the integration.

Image of Employee Task Assignment Form Integrations Page
Image of Stripe Payment Gateway
12 integrations and widgets that are key to your holiday season success Image-7

If you run into any trouble, our user guides are a great resource to assist with any integration issues.


The holiday season can be a stressful time for all of us, so the more efficient your business is, the more holiday cheer you and your team can enjoy. We offer a ton of integrations and widgets to help your business run better, and we’re adding more on a regular basis.

We encourage you to check out the ones above. If there are any integrations or widgets you have on your holiday list, let us know in the comments below.

We wish everyone a joyful and safe holiday season!

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