Introducing dynamic approvals with Approval Workflow for Jotform

ProcessMaker is proud to announce that we’re releasing our first major update to our integration with Jotform. Last year, we launched Approval Workflow for Jotform, which enables Jotform users to initiate approval workflows with their forms.

Users can route requests via email, Slack, or both, and provide feedback, leaving a complete audit trail. Everything from form submissions to decisions, comments, and time stamps, is tracked and passed on for the next approval — keeping everyone on the same page so your team can make the most informed decisions. The requester also stays up to date on the status of their request throughout the approval process.

So what’s new? We’ve responded to the most common feedback we’ve received by adding dynamic approver functionality.

The integration now supports Jotform field variables in the approver field. What does this mean? The approver assigned to a workflow can be added through a field in your form, so users can create dynamic approvers. Now, our integration with Jotform can solve a wider range of use cases and create more complex workflows with the same user-friendly interface.

*This functionality is available only for new actions and isn’t retroactive.

We’ve also improved multilevel approvals. These approvals — based on their outcome — trigger another approval, and they all support dynamic approvals.

We’ve added auto-search too. Now, you can query selected Jotform fields to build approval workflows faster. In addition, you can select all of the fields in your forms. These forms immediately show in the body of the request so you can easily modify them.

As you can see in the screenshot above, both the requester and approver fields are dynamic, populating from the field values of the submitted form. A purchase request created by one department can now be used for your entire organization. You can see how this looks in action when the form is submitted and the request is sent, in this case, via email.

The approval is routed to the person specified in the form (in this case, to Karen). If users prefer to manually type in email addresses, they can still do this when setting up approval actions.

The requester is notified of the ultimate decision.

Want to learn more about how your organization can leverage Approval Workflow for Jotform? Already using it and want to learn how to take advantage of the new functionality? Stay tuned as we prepare an upcoming webinar to showcase our integration’s newest features.

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This article is originally published on Feb 07, 2020, and updated on Nov 16, 2021.
Matthieu McClintock is Director of Product Marketing at ProcessMaker, a leading low-code business process management suite. A self-taught developer and former serial entrepreneur, Matt spends his free time traveling, playing guitar, writing, and working on his own software projects.

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