Introducing our new Box Sign integration

In a world where distributed teams and hybrid or remote work are now the norm, being able to collect e-signatures to keep workflows moving is more vital than ever.

Need to get student or parent permission for field trips or school enrollment? Have to onboard new employees and get them to sign several documents? Closing real estate deals or signing off on tax prep documents? E-signatures are your answer.

To be sure, the need for e-signatures reaches well beyond industries like education, real estate, HR, and healthcare.

But with that e-signature need comes other considerations. For example, not only are you collecting sensitive data, that data has to then be stored and shared securely.

Trying to handle your e-signing workflow with separate software tools (or, God forbid, collecting signatures manually with paper) can lead to security risks, inefficiencies, and higher costs.

Thankfully there’s a solution that will make your e-signing workflow more efficient, manageable, and secure — the cloud. We’re happy to debut a Jotform integration with Box Sign, Box’s native e-signature solution, that combines the power of Jotform with the enterprise-grade security and content management capabilities of Box.

Introducing Box Sign with Jotform

A leading Content Cloud, Box has had an integration with Jotform for almost 10 years. Together, we’ve made it easy for you to collect files through your online forms and automatically send them to designated folders within Box.

Both Jotform and Box have something in common: a dedication to listening to our customers. In turn, we use that feedback to make the products we develop as helpful as possible.

That process has led to a valuable feature we’re sure will streamline your workflows even further.

“Businesses today can no longer rely on in-person interactions or paper-based processes to get work done,” said Fred Klein, vice president of business and corporate development at Box.

“We developed Box Sign to help customers move more of their business processes online, and we are excited to work with Jotform to make it easier than ever to transact digitally.”

Features of the new Box Sign integration

Box Sign with Jotform empowers you to

  • Trigger an automated e-signature workflow based on a form submission
  • Select the form/document you want to be signed
  • Easily add multiple signers (and approvers) through serial and/or parallel routing
  • Set reminders for signers
  • Sign and/or request signatures
  • Request signatures from anyone, even if they don’t have a Box account

Pro Tip

Try out Box Sign today!

The standalone e-signature market reflects today’s professional needs

The global electronic signature market is projected to grow from $4 billion in 2022 to $35 billion in 2029.

In a way, this growth is unsurprising. A recent survey of over 1,000 U.S. businesses and individuals revealed that, during the pandemic, e-signature adoption increased by 50 percent among businesses and 13 percent among everyday households. That’s in addition to the many who were already using e-signatures daily.

So, whether you’re looking to eliminate bottlenecks in a paper-based workflow or improve the productivity of your existing e-signature process, Box Sign is here to help.

This is welcome news for thousands of joint Box and Jotform users since Jotform’s e-signature widget is consistently its most used widget.

Enabling a smooth and secure e-signature workflow with Box Sign

By integrating your customized forms with Box Sign, you can easily collect the electronic signatures you need to get things done.

Plus, your signed documents will automatically be stored in the Box folder (and/or subfolders) you’ve designated, making for easy searchability and categorization of your files.

Follow a few steps to configure, sign, send, and file your documents:

  1. Add the Box Sign integration within the Jotform Form Builder by selecting Integrations in the left navigation of the Settings tab and typing in “Box Sign.” You can also select Box Sign from Jotform’s main integrations page. *Note: if you already have a Box integration set up, you will still need to integrate Box Sign separately.
  2. Click on Box Sign and then the green button to authenticate your account. Enter your Box account credentials in the modal that appears. 
  3. A folder will be created in your Box account under the name of the form you’ve selected. You can also designate form fields as second-level subfolders within Box. 
  4. Select the recipients of your document, including signer(s), approver(s), or relevant stakeholder(s), and click the Save button when you’re finished.
Introducing our new Box Sign integration Image-1

That’s it! When your recipient submits the form, the PDF version of the submission will be sent via Box Sign to the email address of the signer and any other recipients (approver and interested parties, if selected).

Introducing our new Box Sign integration Image-2

When the signer clicks Review document, they’ll be taken to the newly created PDF, and a sign field will be enabled (among other fields like initials, stamp, date signed, and more). Note: The signer will need to drag and drop the Signature field (and other relevant fields) onto the document.

Introducing our new Box Sign integration Image-3
Introducing our new Box Sign integration Image-4

Once the signer has signed the document, the form owner will receive a confirmation email with the signed PDF and a signing log attached. The resulting document will also be available to view and print from your Box account in the associated folder.

Introducing our new Box Sign integration Image-5

Pro Tip

If you have paper or digital PDFs that you’d like to convert into forms, Jotform makes it easy to do so with Smart PDF Forms. Simply upload the form you’d like to convert into a smart PDF. In the form builder, you can adjust or customize your PDF to your needs.

Combining professional, feature-rich forms with electronic signatures gives you a more efficient e-signature workflow that harnesses the places where your data already lives.

And electronic signatures don’t mean you have to sacrifice security. Often cited as a top-rated cloud-based platform for security, Box offers strong standard encryption and additional end-to-end encryption. It also offers passcodes and biometric barriers for the mobile app.

Meanwhile, Jotform’s form links are secured through tokenization, essentially a way to substitute a “token” in place of the data or identifying information within the document. As a result, the data is useless if the link falls into the wrong hands.

Box Sign and Jotform integrate to change the game for your e-signing needs

No longer do e-signatures need to be time-consuming, complex, and expensive. We’re excited to innovate and bring you an e-signing solution that’s efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective for our mutual users.

“Jotform is thrilled to enhance the workflows of our Box and Jotform customers with the new Box Sign capability,” said Chad Reid, vice president of marketing and communications at Jotform. “Our team is constantly on the lookout for ways to provide added value, and this new offering helps us do that in a smart and elegant way.”

Box Sign is available to all Box users at no additional cost. With the Jotform’s new Box Sign integration, your recipients can now fill out forms and sign and send documents within the same platform. This new workflow will boost your productivity by saving you time and simplifying your data management, and you can rest assured that your data is stored securely in Box.

Pro Tip

Try out Box Sign today!

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