Mark Your Calendars: Getting to Know JotForm Cards Webinar

JotForm Cards is a revolutionary type of online form that’s changing the way information is collected. Want to learn more about it? Register for our webinar on Wednesday, February 28. It’ll be held from 11-11:30am PST.

Webinar Details
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 from 11-11:30am PST.
About Webinar
We’ll be demonstrating JotForm Cards features and real-world examples to show how this incredibly powerful form will get your organization more responses and higher conversions. Register here.
About JotForm Cards
JotForm Cards is an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use, and cool (yeah we said cool), online form. Its friendly and motivational features encourage respondents to fill forms to completion so organizations can get the data they need to make smart business decisions. JotForm Cards has a 36% higher conversion rate than traditional forms.
Annabel is a Marketing Communications Manager at JotForm. She’s passionate about writing and has worked in communications roles domestically and internationally. When she’s not blogging about SaaS or online forms, she enjoys international travel, loud concerts, and artisan coffee. You can reach Annabel through her contact form.

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