Introducing new integration

Introducing new integration

Has your organization been searching for an all-encompassing tool that will simplify communication and collaboration? Then our latest integration with might just be your solution.

The new Jotform and integration allows teams to automatically send form submissions into their account as “items” or “updates,” reducing manual work and increasing productivity. ⚡️?⚡️

Get started with Jotform and in a few simple steps

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User spotlight: How a real estate company uses Jotform +

Vitor Julian was sick and tired of manual data entry and needed an easy and powerful solution. Julian works at Dhamata Imóveis, a real estate company in São Paulo, Brazil, and he knew there had to be a better way to get the information he needed.

That’s when he came across Jotform and 

With the integration, Vitor and his colleagues are able to automatically collect client information, such as name, address, and details about their house or apartment, via JotForm.

Once the information is submitted, the team immediately reviews it in their account. Better yet, all of the responses are organized according to board type, so there’s no extra legwork. With all of the information conveniently laid out, the team can follow up with a homeowner quickly if they have any questions.

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“Some people dislike the real estate buying process because they have to find an agent, find a real estate office, sign a lot of documents, etc. We want this experience to be easy, so having Jotform and makes that happen.”

When someone submits one of Dhamata Imóveis’s forms, the response automatically creates an item or update in This helps the person who’s working on a listing because they don’t need to go through the complex process of manually transferring the data from one platform to another.

Before Jotform and, Vitor and other employees took notes in a notebook while visiting homes that people wanted to rent or sell. Afterward, they’d have to spend a lot of extra time manually inputting the information into the company’s CRM. 

Jotform’s integration with has been extra helpful because the real estate company only has six employees and gets a high volume of form submissions.

Jotform + use case examples

Managing client information

Bug tracking and reporting

Lead generation and organization

Fielding design requests

Tracking customer feedback

Managing events

About is a collaborative work management platform – simple, intuitive, and totally customizable to support any workflow, in any industry.

There are many pieces to a account, but two major components that are part of the Jotform integration are “items” and “updates.” Items are individual rows in a group and can be anything that teams are working on — from a quarterly planning overview to weekly to-do lists.

Introducing new monday
Example of project board

Updates, on the other hand, are how teams communicate with one another in They can be accessed by clicking on the speech bubbles inside a board. They’re also customizable so teams can pin an update to the top and can even subscribe to a specific item they want to keep track of.

The Jotform and integration automates items and updates to simplify team workflows.

Have any thoughts on the new integration? Let us know in the comments!

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