Introducing new PieSync integration

Introducing new PieSync integration

UPDATE: Since January 2022, PieSync is discontinuing and thus the integration is no longer functioning.

Syncing contacts is easier than pie with our new integration, PieSync.

PieSync helps individuals and organizations update or create new contacts in multiple apps. The best part? No duplicates, ever. Here’s how to get started.

About PieSync

PieSync is an automation tool that allows for two-way data pushes, ensuring that your contacts are consistently updated and duplicates never occur.

With this app, you can choose to sync all data or select data with 231 apps and counting, giving you flexibility when building your workflow.

PieSync is perfect for updating or adding contacts in real time since it constantly checks your data for any changes and syncs both historical contacts (with the same email address) and adds new contacts.

This app is especially important for organizations and teams that need to update their contact databases regularly. For example, PieSync comes in handy for sales teams because it enables them to keep the contacts in their CRM apps up to date.

How PieSync compares to other automation platforms

The biggest difference between PieSync and other automation platforms is that PieSync performs a two-way data push, meaning that the data communicates back and forth between the apps.

For example, if you connect Jotform and HubSpot through PieSync, PieSync acts as the middleman so Jotform and HubSpot are constantly “talking” about new and existing data. This flow ensures that information is updated with zero duplicates.

Now that you have the lowdown, be sure to give PieSync a try today!

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