Skate Like a Girl: How forms support a positive tool for change

Changing social norms calls for the right ideas, people, and tools.

Skate Like a Girl is a nonprofit that works to embody change in everything they do. Through their summer camp they create an intentional, inclusive space that fosters community through skateboarding, while building confidence and leadership skills as well as promoting social justice.

Skate Like a Girl’s curriculum is based on the values of self-confidence, humility, radical, equitable, and determined — or SHRED.

“We talk about those each day with the kids and how to apply that to their daily life because we strongly feel like skateboarding is a positive tool for change,” the nonprofit’s executive director, Kristin Ebeling, said.

The organization serves more than 7,000 skaters each year through their three locations in Seattle, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Photo credit: Delridge Camp Andy Officer. Courtesy of Skate Like a Girl.

Skate Like a Girl has grown over the years, but before they could expand their operations, they needed to address administration problems, such as handling registration for thousands of campers, collecting enrollment fees, gathering medical information, accepting volunteer applications, vetting employment applications, and more.

In order to run their summer camp effectively, efficiently, and in an affordable manner, they needed a tool that could act as an “all in one” solution for their information management. They needed JotForm.

Skate Like a Girl uses Jotform for virtually all of their data collection, but their biggest use case is for summer camp registrations.

Most registrations happen in a short time frame.

“Sixty to 70 percent of our work is in a matter of two and a half months because of the weather and skate park status,” Ebeling said.

Since there isn’t a lot of time to get camper information, Skate Like a Girl turned to Jotform so they could save time and get their camper information management under control.

Skate Like a Girl’s summer camp registration form is robust. It starts with a dropdown menu where parents can choose the camp location closest to their neighborhood and ends with a payment section to gather enrollment fees, so there’s no question about who paid and when.

Additionally, Skate Like a Girl’s registration form asks everything from children’s names and preferred pronouns to medical data to parent contact information and signatures for liability releases.

It’s especially important that medical data is easily accessible because some campers may need medications like Epipens on them at all times.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Skate Like a Girl.

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Skate Like a Girl.

Besides collecting basic camper information, Skate Like a Girl takes advantage of the 100+ integrations Jotform has to offer, which makes it even easier to manage the information that funnels in.

They’ve linked their registration form to a Google Sheet, allowing their team to quickly see which campers need to borrow gear, what skating level each camper is at, and if any camper has medical or behavioral issues.

Before Jotform, Skate Like a Girl had to manually print out camper’s forms and coaches had to look through them one by one, which left a lot of room for error.

Jotform eliminates that potential for error. Now when Skate Like a Girl receives a submission through their form, they get an email that includes the camper’s name, the parent’s name, how much they paid, and more.

A separate email is then sent directly to Ebeling’s work email address, showing any additional donation amounts that parents have made to Skate Like a Girl scholarships.

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Photo credit: Delridge Camp Andy Officer. Courtesy of Skate Like a Girl.

Jotform also checks the affordability box. Skate Like a Girl is a nonprofit, and they depend on program revenue to help them run year round. Their summer camps are more or less their cash cow, which provides about 60 to 70 percent of their revenue.

With Jotform’s nonprofit discount of 50 percent, Skate Like a Girl is able to direct funds to more important matters, like programs or scholarships for campers who can’t afford summer camp on their own.

Jotform has helped Skate Like a Girl with internal and external information management, and Ebeling thinks that other summer camps can benefit from it as well.
“All summer camps should use Jotform because it’s simple, customizable, and affordable,” she said.

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