How to set the price of camp registration

There are quite a few costs to consider when starting a camp. You’ll have to pay for the space you’re using, you’ll need to pay your staff, and you’ll have to buy all sorts of materials over the course of the camp’s run. These costs add up fast. That’s why it’s important to figure out the right price to charge so that you can cover these costs without making the camp unaffordable for a wide range of campers.

Determining your camp’s price is part of your larger financial strategy. Are you looking to make a profit? How much of a profit? What’s your budget? All of these factors are worth considering before you decide on a price. Consulting a financial expert or accountant is also worthwhile. Make sure you consider all possible expenses when starting your camp.

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Another significant consideration when deciding on a price is the financial situation of your target demographic. If you’re starting a camp in an affluent area, you may be able to charge more — and you may need to, as you’ll probably have higher facilities costs and other expenses. If your summer camp is likely to serve mostly lower-income families, you must consider that when deciding on pricing.

Some camps offer tiered pricing. For instance, a six-week program at your camp might be offered alongside a 12-week program. While the 12-week program will cost more, you could price it lower on a per-week basis to incentivize families to choose that option. You could also offer a variety of packages at registration. For example, you might have a package that includes the price of planned day trips and another option that allows campers to instead pay for these on a trip-by-trip basis.

Regardless of the price you end up charging, you will likely want your camp registration form to accept payment so that campers’ basic information is stored alongside their payment information. Luckily, there are many different payment apps that work with JotForm. For instance, you can easily integrate PayPal checkout or Stripe into your forms.

Maybe you want to add special coupon codes to your registration form to make it easier for certain campers to afford your camp. This can be done easily in Jotform as well. If your camper hasn’t fully paid, you can create an email alert to notify that family that they have to complete their payment before their camper is registered.

For more information on the different payment integrations that work with Jotform, visit our FAQ page.

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