Pro Tips For Better Summer Camp Management

Pro Tips For Better Summer Camp Management

Summer camps, whether day camps or sleepaway camps, need a data collection system that can streamline all of their information flows all from one portal. Summer camp directors, staff, and personnel need an easy to use, efficient online forms tool with collaboration functionality, security, and a high level of customization. Enter Jotform, the most powerful online forms platform and preferred solution for summer camps. Read on to learn about how camps can use forms to run more smoothly.

Maximize Program Revenue 

Summer camps provide kids with an enriching, fun, and memorable experience and foster treasured friendships beyond their friend group from school. Special needs camps cater to children with a variety of special needs including emotional, developmental, or physical disabilities. Sports, STEM, and arts camps deliver a specialized program that introduces new skills, encourages hobbies and interests, and brings together children who share a specific passion. All of these different goals and missions share one thing in common: they need money to stay in operation!

Jotform allows camp staff and professionals to create custom payment forms that can collect all of the unique information that a camp needs before registering a camper. This can include name and age of camper, names of parents, emergency contact information, allergies, dietary restrictions, medications and healthcare needs, selected time frames and dates, and more. Integrated with all of the top payment processors including Square, PayPal, and Stripe, Jotform offers bank-level security for all payments.

Jotform allows you to customize your forms to your exact specifications, and offers functionality including promo and discount codes and recurring payments. Camp staff can create custom payment and order forms where parents can easily pay for extras on top of enrollment costs, including experiences like private sports lessons or items like sunscreen, bug spray, and cold medicine.

Waiver & Document Collection

Summer camps collect a variety of documentation, including permission slips for day trips and excursions, waivers, and release forms. Many camps still use inefficient techniques for document collection, such as sending papers through snail mail, or requiring parents to print out documents, sign them by hand, and fax or mail them back to the camp office. This can be a hassle for a variety of obvious reasons, so if you’re not using digital methods it’s time to streamline (and make eco-friendly!) your document collection process.

Jotform offers e-signature widget options including Docusign and Adobe Sign, file upload capabilities, and a variety of form field options. Forms can be customized with drop-downs, single choice, multiple choice, images, and more. Your waivers and documents can be as comprehensive as you need, and can be designed to match your camp’s website and brand.

Collect feedback and improve operations

Feedback from campers, parents, and staff is key for reviewing and accessing programs and setting them up for continued and greater success. Jotform allows you to create a custom form that collects anonymous feedback, which can be helpful to always have available whether on the camp’s website or on a tablet in an accessible area of the camp.

Asking campers feedback of their summer camp experience can produce a wealth of information about what activities were the most fun, what could be improved, how the food options in the dining hall were, how well their counselors ran their bunks, and if they wanted to return next year. Feedback collected from parents can include their overall impression of the camp, if they believed the price matched the value, if the parent-camper communication cadence made sense, if they have any additional feedback, complaints, or suggestions. Last but not least, it’s important to get feedback from camp staff to make sure that they are heard, and to support staff happiness and retention.

Feedback collected from online forms created with Jotform can be easily organized and automatically populated into Google Sheets, Excel, or dozens of other business tools. Jotform offers the most integrations in the industry, including Box, Dropbox, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and many more. Look over and analyze the response data that you collect on your convenient Jotform dashboard or preferred spreadsheet, using Form Analytics if you like to receive information such as number of responses and conversion rates. You’ll soon be equipped with the knowledge of how to improve your camp for next year.

Do you work at a summer camp? What types of forms do you use?

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