Major features of Jotform's summer camp forms

Countless camp directors manage their businesses with online forms. A robust forms platform can provide nearly everything you need to run your camp smoothly and professionally. Below are some of the benefits of online forms and some of Jotform’s especially useful features.

No licensing expenses or commissions. With online forms, you can accomplish a lot without investing in a software license. You can also collect online payments without paying commissions.

Online forms are flexible. With online forms, you can collect just the information you need, and add features and integrations as necessary. You’re starting from a simple place and expanding.

It’s easy to get started with online forms. For those who might not be the most tech savvy, online form builders tend to be fairly intuitive. Online forms are also inexpensive, with well-defined and relatively simple terms of use.

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Want to try these powerful features for yourself? Explore Jotform’s free summer camp registration and management forms to run your camp more efficiently than ever.

Online forms make it easy to track information. Maybe you’re collecting hundreds of applications but only accepting a few campers. Online forms make it easy to keep track of the exact number of applications you’ve received; you won’t have to do anymore laborious counting. You can also see all of your campers’ applications in one place and sort them accordingly. Need to compare two applications? Online forms make it easy to do this, enabling you to pull up applications quickly without any time-consuming sifting through piles of paper.

Online forms make it easy to share information. Forms are all about collecting the information you need. But once you have that information, you’ll probably need to share it with other decision-makers in your camp so that everyone is informed. With an online form, this sharing is seamless.

Here are some of the features that make Jotform an ideal platform for camp organization:

Easy to read and fill out. Jotform templates are designed with the user in mind. Clear text and simple, sensible, customizable layouts make it easy to create forms.

Customizable text. Adjust the spacing between questions, change the position of the field labels (left, right, top), or switch the highlight effect on or off.

Dropdown menus. Dropdown menus help reduce errors and can make your form look simpler and more manageable. For example, if you want to divide responses by category, you can have the user specify which camp, division, bunk, or other category applies to their camper by choosing from a dropdown menu instead of having to select a radio button or type something in themselves.

Dig deeper with form collapse. You can have further questions open up underneath a question. For example, you might want respondents to explain why they answered a Yes/No question the way they did. The form collapse feature adds an arrow next to the Yes/No button that will open up a box with a field for respondents to explain their answer.

Change background colors and other aspects of a form’s appearance. It takes only a little technical know-how to change a form’s appearance by injecting your own CSS code. You might want a background color that matches or complements your camp’s logo, for example.

Easily share with colleagues or staff. Getting ready to plan for the upcoming camp season? Get everyone on the same page by sharing your survey results. Simply set the submissions page to “public,” and you’ll get a unique URL. Add password protection if you wish, and send the link and password to your team.

Turn your survey results into a PDF. If you need a printed or easily shareable summary of your collected form response data, you can use the free Jotform PDF Editor to create professional-looking PDFs.

Add useful form widgets. A huge variety of widgets is available to expand your forms’ functionality. Collect e-signatures, embed videos or PDFs, add a Terms and Conditions checkbox, let users select dates on a calendar, add a progress bar, make sure your forms are mobile-ready — even geolocate users to learn where most of your potential clients live.

Integrate with other business apps. Connect your forms with apps like Google Sheets, Paypal, Dropbox, Mailchimp, Stripe, Salesforce, and much more.

Only you know what you need to run your camp seamlessly — and luckily you have plenty of options. For many camps, a straightforward online forms solution is the perfect approach, combining simplicity, customizability, and advanced features as needed.

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