6 Campwise alternatives for 2024

It’s summertime, and kids have the chance to get outside and reconnect with friends they might’ve missed over the past two years. If you run a camp and you’re looking for reliable camp software, you may be familiar with Campwise.

As one of the most popular software tools in the summer camp industry, Campwise offers features to assist with registration, staff and donor management, facility rentals, and more. However, if it’s not the right software for your camp’s needs, you might be looking for a Campwise alternative.

In this post, we’ll outline six Campwise alternatives that offer similar features at varying price points.

1. CampMinder

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CampMinder prides itself on being one of the most flexible camp software options on the market. It ensures a safe camp experience, providing healthcare solutions, staff background checks, and a helpful mobile app for parents to stay informed.

Top features

  • Online enrollment. You can ask parents to register their kids automatically or through a controlled application process.
  • Discount options. You can offer coupon codes, sibling discounts, early-bird pricing, etc. 
  • Smart staffing. Solutions include a recruitment list, easy reference and background checks, and a staff management hub.
  • Online community. Share photos and messages, and create camp archives for parents and attendees to enjoy.

Who it’s best for: Camps that are looking for robust software with built-in flexibility and an easy way to connect with parents will appreciate this option.

Price: CampMinder offers $24 per camper for 200 enrolled, a $13 per camper for 500 enrolled for Standard Suite plan.

2. CampBrain

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CampBrain and its “bot-free” customer service team provide reliable software with impressive support. If you’re looking to cut out a lot of the administrative work for your camp, CampBrain includes user-friendly tools to keep your data organized and your campers happy.

Top features

  • Simplified registration. Multiple campers can sign up at once. You can allow discounts and file uploads for details like immunizations, photos, and more.
  • “The Cabinizer.” This drag-and-drop tool helps you set up cabins and organize your campers by age, team, bus, counselor, and more.
  • Online store. Sell your camp merch and supplies through a point-of-sale system using Square.
  • Fundraising. Add donation pages to your website and easily reach out to donors and manage relationships.

Who it’s best for: Camps that might need a little extra tech support will find CampBrain’s customer service team helpful.

Pricing: Contact CampBrain directly for pricing.

3. Regpack

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Regpack is registration software that has a specific offering just for camps. It focuses on creating data-driven insights to increase your camp’s enrollment and providing easy-to-use software to satisfy parents.

Top features

  • Easy payments. You can add custom payment forms directly to your website, set up recurring payments, or allow for payment plans.
  • Robust data tools. These tools help you create session, payment, sales, or registration reports and export your data quickly and easily.
  • Unique application flow. Every camper gets a personalized application through Regpack’s proprietary conditional logic engine.
  • Intuitive interface. The custom features and easy navigation are popular with both camper parents and camp staff.

Who it’s best for: Camps that are looking to expand their reach and increase profits will benefit from Regpack’s data-driven insights.

Pricing: Plans start at $125 per month, per admin, with a 2.1 percent payment processing fee. You can contact Regpack directly to get a quote.

4. UltraCamp

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UltraCamp wants you to be able to focus on your campers, rather than all the busywork that comes along with running a camp. The support team is made up of former camp professionals who have first-hand experience helping camps succeed.

Top features

  • Customized registration. The session selection option shows campers only what they’re eligible for, and you can create custom signups for each type of camper.
  • Check-in tool. Parents can authorize drop-offs and pickups, which you can track to keep your campers safe and manage extra care costs.
  • Point-of-sale system. Campers can shop at your online store, and you can monitor your sales and create reports.
  • Staff management. This feature helps you collect your staff’s applications, run background checks, or create custom tasks throughout the onboarding process.

Who it’s best for: UltraCamp is good for camps that rely heavily on donors. If your camp is in the Southwest Michigan area and you want in-person support and training sessions, this is a good option.

Pricing: UltraCamp doesn’t offer fixed-length contracts. Check out details on the pricing page. Contact sales for a quote.

5. CircuiTree

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CircuiTree has been around for over 25 years and has had plenty of time to develop software that gives campers the flexibility to control their experience.

Top features

  • Camper management tools. Save time with an online billing platform, and staff and resource management tools. Plus, cabin management software simplifies the process of assigning campers to cabins and bunks.
  • Easy communication. Enable text messaging so parents can quickly reach camp staff. Parents can also keep in touch with their children during camp as well as access news and updates through the parent portal.
  • Financial suite. Features include integrated point of sale, invoice management, and a donations portal.
  • Health records dashboard. Make it easy for your staff to access medical records and keep kids safe with a dashboard you can access anywhere.

Who it’s best for: CircuiTree is great for camps that want to give parents a more high-tech experience.

Pricing: Contact CircuiTree directly for pricing or to schedule a demo.

6. Jotform

While Jotform isn’t exclusively camp management software, it’s a great Campwise alternative you can use for everything from registering campers to collecting camper satisfaction surveys. Payments are a breeze with multiple gateways, and Jotform doesn’t charge additional transaction fees.

Top features

  • Custom forms. Create a new form for your camp data collection, or try one of thousands of templates — including HIPAA-friendly options.
  • Jotform Tables. Organize your campers’ information in an easy-to-use workspace you can share with all of your staff. 
  • Helpful integrations. Collect legally binding signatures and payments, connect to your calendar, and send emails with dozens of useful integrations.
  • Report Builder. Analyze your form data and make better business decisions for your camp with auto-generated reports you can embed anywhere.

Who it’s best for: Camps that are looking for a flexible, multipurpose software with reasonable, upfront pricing plans will appreciate Jotform.

Pricing: Jotform offers five pricing plans, including a free Starter account. Paid accounts start at $34 per month.

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