2 ways to attract more customers this holiday season

It’s the holidays, which can mean big business for small businesses. Enter two new ways to entice customers and encourage even more purchases through Jotform: an Unbounce landing page integration and the ability to accept payments through Cash App. Below are two brief webinars focused on how you can get more business with these Jotform integrations. 

Unbounce is a leading landing page platform that now features AI-powered text and A/B testing options. The intuitive AI sends potential customers to the page that’s most likely to appeal to them, leading to 30 percent more conversions.

Jotform’s integration with Unbounce also tracks conversions so you know who’s buying and what attracted them. Having the right landing page, and a smartly integrated one at that, has huge implications for driving traffic to your business.

As the most downloaded finance app on both iOS and Android-powered devices, as well as one of Jotform’s most heavily requested payment app integrations of all time, Cash App almost needs no introduction.

With about 49 million active monthly users, Cash App is available for both credit and credit-free transactions. If you want to make sure you can accept payments from a broad audience, this integration might be the solution for you.

In each of these 15-minute snack break webinars we explore how these tools benefit you and your customers, and we share a demo that shows you how to get started right away. Check them out here!

  • Create a landing page that converts with Jotform and Unbounce
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Power your payments with Cash App

  • Power your payments with Cash App
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Morgan is the webinar manager at Jotform. She is passionate about helping people do their best work and has spent many years crafting sessions that educate users on how to make the most of a product. Outside of Jotform she tries to explore as much of the world as possible, makes lots of cakes, and goes wine tasting whenever she can. You can reach Morgan through her contact form.

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