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Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Jotform offers more features, templates, and
integrations than any other online form builder. See below to learn why Jotform is the best
Google Forms alternative.

Jotform Google Forms
Payment Integrations
Branding Removal
Design Customization
Mobile Responsiveness
Electronic Signatures
Free Account
Drag-and-Drop Form Building
Conditional Logic (If this, then that questions)
HIPAA Compliance
SOC 2 Compliance Jotform Enterprise

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Jotform vs Google Forms FAQ

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  • What features does Jotform have that Google Forms doesn’t?

    Jotform offers several features that Google Forms doesn’t:

    Payment integrations

    Drag-and-drop customization

    Mobile compatibility


    The ability to remove the form builder’s branding

  • Does Jotform offer design customization — unlike Google Forms?

    Yes, Jotform offers full design customization for every form.

  • Why should I use Jotform instead of Google Forms?

    Google Forms is a basic online form builder that gets one job done: collecting data. But maybe you need your online form to do more than that. Maybe you need to collect payments for your online store, accept donations online for your nonprofit, or capture legally binding signatures on your online contracts. Perhaps you’re frustrated about your form not working on mobile devices. Maybe you wish you didn’t have to manually transfer submission data to other tools you use.

    At Jotform, we understand your needs, which is why we’ve made it easier than ever for you to create the most effective online form for your organization. Unlike Google Forms, Jotform offers thousands of form templates, hundreds of form fields and widgets, and dozens of app integrations, so you can build a form that looks and works exactly how you want it to. Jotform empowers you to create advanced online forms that do more than collect data — they’ll also speed up your workflow, increase your productivity, and improve your business.



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