Form Designer Tutorial: Let’s Create Fantastic Forms!

April 12, 2022

Form Designer is a lifesaver, an awesome new feature that will simplify your life. Our users are excited to explore the incredible potential this tool has. Here’s a brief introduction.

And here you have a video course of 10 lessons explaining Form Designer Basics in order to help you to discover its amazing potential!

Video Course: Form Designer Basics

Learn the new Form Designer from these 10 short episodes.

Master the new form designer to build awesome-looking forms, impress your visitors, and increase your form response rates.

We can’t wait to see what’ll you come up with.

Colors Tutorial
Episode 1: Colors
Fonts Tutorial
Episode 2: Fonts
Spacing Tutorial
Episode 3: Spacing
CSS Inspector Basics
Episode 4: CSS Inspector
CSS Tutorial
Episode 5: CSS Editor
Buttons Tutorial
Episode 6: Submit Buttons
Logo + Cover Tutorial
Episode 7: Adding Logo
Device Previews Tutorial
Episode 8: Device Previews
Error Styles Tutorial
Episode 9: Error Styles
Background Image Tutorial
Episode 10: Background Image

Creating great-looking forms with CSS Form Generator is simpler than you think.

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