Form Designer Tutorial: Let’s create fantastic forms!

December 3, 2021

Form Designer is a life saver, an awesome new feature that will simplify your life. Our users are excited exploring the incredible potential this tool has. Here’s a brief introduction.

And here you have a video course of 10 lessons explaining Form Designer Basics in order to help you to discover its amazing potential!

Video Course: Form Designer Basics

Learn the new Form Designer from these 10 short episodes.

Master the new form designer to build awesome looking forms, impress your visitors, and increase your form response rates.

We can’t wait to see what’ll you come up with.

Episode 1: Colors

Colors Tutorial

Episode 2: Fonts

Fonts Tutorial

Episode 3: Spacing

Spacing Tutorial

Episode 4: CSS Inspector

CSS Inspector Basics

Episode 5: CSS Editor

CSS Tutorial

Episode 6: Submit Buttons

Buttons Tutorial

Episode 7: Adding Logo

Logo + Cover Tutorial

Episode 8: Device Previews

Device Previews Tutorial

Episode 9: Error Styles

Error Styles Tutorial

Episode 10: Background Image

Background Image Tutorial

Creating great looking forms with CSS Form Generator is simpler than you think.

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