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How to Change Email Template Sent Based on the Language Used?

How to Change Email Template Sent Based on the Language Used?

To set this all up you will first need to set up two things:

 1. Set up all the languages that you want to have on your jotform
 2. Set up email autoresponders for each language

Once you have these two all set up and ready it is time to use conditional logic and set the email templates to match the selected forms language. To do this, all we need to do is following.

Click SETTINGS at the top > CONDITIONS on the left > then CHANGE EMAIL RECIPIENT.

Then setup your Condition like so:

As you can see on the screenshot above we have selected Language to match its content and check what language is selected on the form. Following that, we have the action set to send US English (name of) autoresponder template to the email entered in the email field.

As soon as you select the email autoresponder template the email to field is filled out automatically. If you have multiple email fields, then it is best to double check if what is the name / tag of the email field and enter it manually. You can check this by following this guide: How to find Field IDs & Names.

We repeat the same for all languages that we will use and that is it.

The best thing now is to go directly to your jotform and submit it like that, testing it few times by changing the languages. This will allow you to quickly and simply see if there are any issues with your conditions setup.

You can see a demo form used when creating this guide here:

If you wish to apply the same steps to your thank you message as well, we would suggest taking a look at this guide: How to change thank you message depending on the language used?

If you have any problems or questions in regards to this, do let us know in the comments below and we would be happy to answer them for you.

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  • Simovision


    After having tried several times to create and save a second e-mail confirmation template (which worked out fine), I always end up receiving the original language version in the admin panel.

    In other words, every change into a new e-mail confirmation template is being put back to its original language.

    Please help me regarding this issue.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards,