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How to Change the Email Address Used for Notification Email?

How to Change the Email Address Used for Notification Email?

If you want to change the email address where the Email Notifications go to when a submission is made to your form follow the steps below.

1. Click the Edit Form button next to the form that you want to edit.

2. Go to Form  SETTINGS, click the  EMAILS tab and then the  Edit Icon ( Pencil) next to the Notification Email that you want to edit.

3. Go to the RECIPIENTS tab. Here you can change the Recipient Email or add more emails. Click the SAVE button when you are done editing.

NOTE: The users in the Starter (FREE) plan are limited to one email recipient. Multiple recipients is available for paid users only.

NOTE: If you are trying to test the email alerts using the "TEST EMAIL" button please note that this will only send an email notification to the email address associated with your account. If you wish to test the email recipients in your form notifiers, simply fill your form and submit.

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  • CDVC

    It looks like the recipient email list edit finally worked this morning. Thank you

  • CDVC

    I have followed these directions and the CDVC "email" shows up even after I have deleted it and saved changes.

  • coloscrocco.cs

    Hago eso pero el mail sigue sin direccionarlo a la cacilla que le ordeno, habra alguna otra forma?

  • habitmarketingnz


    Is it possible to change the Notification email address based on a form field.

    e.g. If form field dropdown equals "A" , send notification email to
    If form field dropdown equals "B" , send notification email to

    Thanks. - Derrick

  • Schoolimprovementpartnership

    Can you update this field for all forms at once?

  • Tehrim Pathan

    My Form has the option to save the form, however, when the form is saved the notification is only sent to the person filling out. Is it possible to set it up in a way when the form is saved the notification is sent to not the only person filling out the form also the people in the notification list?

  • tinaks66

    Thanks for such a speedy, informative response.

  • shakedog

    My Artist Application form was submitted 4 times today, but I didn't receive the emails for any of them even though my email is listed as recipient.

    However, yesterday I had one submission for my New Artist form and I DID receive the email for that one.

    Trying to figure out if the issue is on my end or not. Thanks for the help :)

  • Rendon_Annie

    Did not work for us.

    We changed email with this steps and also going under setting.

  • agente007

    Muchas gracias por este tutorial tan interesante. A través de este, pude solucionar algo con lo del correo.
    Muchas gracias y bendiciones!!!

  • Bob Kunert

    Thanks the email change worked. Lastly, when we do receive the emails, we cannot open the files that we’re uploaded into the created jotform. We have tested with jpeg, pdf, etc., and we keep receiving the jotform error code 404 (whoops). Can you please assist? Thank You

  • jennifer.tcah

    If I make changes to the form, does it automatically update where the form is located? Ie on our website. Do I need to upload a new version to my website of the form each time I update it?

  • 10001367

    How can I decide if I want to purchase your product if I cannot use it to try it from making the form to getting the survey responses???

  • 10001367

    Do mean that I can only send one at a time or only get replies for only on filler of the form?

  • timpi

    Perfect, thank you for your help with this one, Timpi :)

  • kaosworks

    Thank you appreciate the quick response!

  • HMBWebmaster

    This may work for online forms, but what about fillable pdf's? When I choose to edit the pdf, there is no "settings" tab.

  • carlacoroy

    This is not working for me. All the form fields have the correct address, but they are still coming to the wrong address. I have three forms. Some go to the correct address, some do not. It is very frustrating because I'm missing leads.

  • mevangi



    I did it, But not working.

  • abetterwaycounseling

    Awesome! Thank you so much!!

  • Graphicloom

    I get the test email but not the completed form emailed to my email account. I tried 2 different emails here. neither worked.

  • tamtanrae

    This was very helpful, thank you. I was able to change my email.

  • wattschapel

    Can an email notification be removed from the form (not required)? I don't want to receive 100s of email notifications when someone registers. I'd prefer to run the reports as needed. I tried to delete the email from the notification, but it wouldn't allow me to save it without an email address.

    Thank you for your assistance/feedback.

  • Alexandra Hutton

    My emails being sent but l. Not receiving them why.

  • tmawebsiteforms2019

    can you please delete the previous comment this should have been for support and not here and should not be public - i will get into trouble for this

  • Tera lees

    Hello, the person who normally receives these emails went out on unexpected leave of absence in early July. We need to get the emails rerouted to me until she returns. Additionally, any emails sent since July 11 likely did not go through, as her email account would have been disabled. Can you help to get emails from July 11 rerouted to me and any new sent to me until she returns? Her name is LaDonna Jenkins-Thompson. Email address"

    Thank you.

    Tera Lees

  • kenneth pitzer

    Not receiving social emails

  • kashley

    i have followed all instructions and i still can not add the second email recipient. i am a paid customers so i should be able to have more than one.

  • Star

    Can I have the response from each form go to a specific email address

  • Anafuresandra

    Please I haven't receive my messages or notification on my Yahoo email account.

    What should I do?

  • Felicity

    Have not gotten any notification after submitting my forms and posting it also

  • comfort

    When i try to use my email i will get an sms saying invalid

  • Admissions_RACC

    Followed the instructions above and yet submissions are not going through to the designated email. I checked span and junk folder and they are not going there either. Help??

  • jasonmsahl

    I am receiving the test emails, but not the actual submission notification emails. The notification recipient email is the same email associated with the account. Checked junk folder, nothing found.

  • RobyMainini

    Salve, inserendo l'indirizzo email di destinazione (indirizzo utilizzato tra l'altro per l'account) per le notifiche di invio form, queste arrivano ma passano subito in posta indesiderata. Ho già fatto la verifica ma il suddetto indirizzo non risulta nella vostra lista di indesiderati.

    Con un secondo form e altro indirizzo mail le notifiche arrivano correttamente.

  • Virginia Watts

    Do you have to notify all your apps separately?

  • Busyb

    I have changed the email address over and over and it keeps going back to the original one

  • MSPDGroup

    How many email recipients are allowed in the plan for $19?

  • Rachpmu

    my form will not submit when clients try to fill them out on my website.

  • pamelaerich

    Can I use conditional logic from email addresses in a drop down box in my form as the recipient email address?

  • Bennett Covitz

    Why am I not receiving any e-mail on my phone? Bennett

  • Lrgunter

    If I have a free account, can I still direct the notification to a field email address using conditions?

  • Onwochei Jeremiah

    I want know why am not getting my gmail messages

  • Kidzapp

    Hello there,

    We have changed the sent from email to , but the display name is still jotform? how can we change that.

    Please help.


  • santaclara17

    How do I change the email address associated with my account?

  • MRSchmit

    I did all of this and it looks like it changed but when I completed the form it didn't change

  • Qquench

    How do i change email format for all forms at ones? Is it possible?

  • LyndseyGilman

    I did all of this and nothing is changed?

  • WorboysDesign

    How can I remove and add an email address when its not saving or letting me click "+ Add new email"?