Recent issues, possibly with browser compatibility

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    Asked on December 27, 2016 at 01:54 PM

    Hi Jotform team,

    I have been using your amazing form builder for years, and love your service. Recently, a higher-than-usual number of people have reported an issue with my form here linked below.

    Users report that they cannot see any web form displayed on this web page. I estimate that 5-10% of my site visitors experience this issue. A screen shot provided by one of my site visitors of the missing web form is attached.

    I unfortunately have not been able to replicate the issue on my computer (Windows OS, Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers), and my hunch is that this is a browser compatibility issue. 

    >> Do you have any advice on how I can resolve this issue? Ideally I'd like 100% of my visitors to properly see my Jotform web form rendered and working. Any thoughts you have would be great!

    My best,

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    Answered on December 27, 2016 at 03:50 PM

    Hey Nicholas, I'm afraid I wasn't able to reproduce it either. From your screenshot though, I'm seeing that visitor uses IE Edge.

    Here are 2 screenshots of how I saw your page using Chrome and Edge:

    1. Chrome

    2. Edge

    Seeing that the screenshot you sent uses Edge, and knowing that it worked on your end and mine (with Edge too), then we can safely deduce that this is not a browser compatibility issue. It's more likely a client-sided issue from the visitor's end.

    Your screenshot also shows that the CSS styling of your actual website failed to render at all. And with some elements of your website not loaded, then the form will never load either.

    I suggest you get back to those specific users who failed to see the form to try it with another browser, or clear their browser's cache and cookies.