iFrame Embed Widget throws a 404 error

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    Asked on January 31, 2017 at 04:08 PM


    I'm trying to embed in my form an external payment widget. I am copying the Iframe code into the code line in the Iframe widget but I keep getting "404"


    Any Ideas?



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    Answered on January 31, 2017 at 04:54 PM

    Hey Assaf, I'm seeing 2 iFrame Embed widgets on your form. It's showing a 404 error because you're using the iFrame widget incorrectly.

    1. You placed the your HTML codes on the CSS section of the widget

    <iframe src='//www.eventi.co.il/Events/TicketBoxWidget.aspx?eID=803635556' height='208px' width='680px' frameborder='0' scrolling='no'> </iframe>

    2. You don't have a src URL for the widget

    To fix this, remove the codes you placed on the CUSTOM CSS tab of the iFrame Embed widget. Then place the src URL of your iframe to the URL section:

    This is your src URL in case you don't know http://www.eventi.co.il/Events/TicketBoxWidget.aspx?eID=803635556

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    Answered on February 01, 2017 at 02:29 AM

    Hi Jim

    Thank you very much for your answer. did what you said step by step. even checked the URL directly by copying to a browser. now getting a blank (see attached)

    Any Ideas?



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    Answered on February 01, 2017 at 02:46 AM

    Hello Assaf,

    I've cloned your form on my side and I've experienced the same issue you have with the iFrame Embed widget as you can see the screenshot below of the error:

    As you can see in the error logs, the widget is blocking mixed content from being loaded. Since the page you are adding is not using SSL, it will not work in the https version of your form. 

    However, if you load the form from the following URL, the iFrame widget content should load without issue as you can see in the following screenshot below: http://form.jotform.com/63291877714466 

    Please try and if you need further assistance, let us know.

    Thanks in advance.