Is it possible to connect different newsletters to different outcome pages?

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    Asked on January 31, 2017 at 04:10 PM

    Hi Jotform-Team,

    my son already wrote to you that question on the weekend, but until now we didn't receive any answer yet.

    I would be very grateful, if you could send me that answer soon, as we need to get ready with our survey.

    We have 6 different surveys. One is almost completed:

    After the prospects filled in this survey, they will land on 4 different outcome pages. Right now we only took placeholders as outcome pages. In addition to these 4 outcome pages, they will have to be sent 4 different newsletters. We want to work with mailchimp and 4 different email addresses. On your form, we only found one possibility to fill in a link/email, so that the people can be sent an additional email/newsletter. But we need 4 of them.


    Could you please be so kind to help us?


    Thank you very much in advance.


    Best wishes


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    Answered on January 31, 2017 at 05:04 PM

    I think this thread is related to this one: 

    Please check the reply there. 

    Now, you can redirect your user to a different page once the form is submitted, you can do this conditionally, but only one page can be shown at a time, so if you would like to redirect your user to more than one page at the same time this will not be possible. 

    Please check this guide about redirecting users to different pages with conditions: 

    Regarding to the emails, you can send an email to multiple recipients, you can also send multiple emails at the same time, this can be done from JotForm and here is a guide that will help you to with this: 

    However, if you want to do the same from the MailChimp ends then this will not be possible, when integrating your form with  MailChimp you could only send one email newsletter, but you cannot do the same as you do on JotForm, to change the email recipient or send multiple emails with conditions. 

    You can map all the email fields to your MailChimp list, but the email will be sent to the one specified on the email settings on this list (this is done through MailChimp). 

    Hope this helps.