Need to add large amounts of text to hidden fields in "edit mode" and it's not working

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    Asked on June 18, 2012 at 08:38 PM

    Hi, My form is at: I will refer to the item #s in my question below.

    Here's how I want to use this form:

    1-customer fills out the visible fields, eg, #1-13

    2-we retrieve the submission, and our admin staff adds info into hidden fields, eg, #18. For some fields we need to add a paragraph or two of new content. The admin staff saves the edited submission after adding to it.

    3-a third person retrieves the submission that now contains the admin staff's additions, and adds new info to different hidden fields, eg, # 29a.

    4-the third person saves the submission and we can generate a PDF of it.

    My hurdlesright now is getting the hidden fields to elongate. Even if I inject CSS code to lengthen a given field, (as suggested in a forum), eg, #18, when I retrieve the submission to edit it, the field has not kept the longer # of pixels, and will not accept enough content.

    Any ideas? Note: I am not a programmer so I need answers simplified!




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    Answered on June 18, 2012 at 09:18 PM

    I think this form exemplifies what you want to achieve:

    Here's what I did to the form above:

    Insert fields that you want hidden from your users. You can use any type of field (textarea, textbox, radio button, etc).

    Hide your "admin fields" from front end users' view using conditions. Add a textbox in your form which will serve as a "password" field. The form will show the "admin felds" if the correct code is entered.




    Your users will not be able to see the admin fields you added. They can only see the "admin only" textbox.

    When you go to your submissions page, edit the submission then type in the codes you have configured in the conditions so that the hidden admin fields will appear.