Saving form submission from external client

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    Gaurav Konchady
    Asked on June 21, 2012 at 05:32 PM


    We have hosted the jotform code engine within our application and we were trying to test submissions for forms created by jotform on an external client. We are inserting the jotform response data into the ‘submissions’ and the ‘answers’ tables in the same format they would be stored while doing a submission directly through the web browser.  However while trying to view the submissions in the submissions grid, it is sometimes not visible. The odd thing, we observed was that all of these submission data records were included, as they should be, in the CSV and Excel exports.  Also when we searched the grid with one of the answer responses as the keyword they would show up on the grid but once the filter is cleared the submission would not be available in the grid. Please check the attached screen shot of the grid from our application for reference.

    What is the difference in how submissions are viewed on this screen as opposed to how they are retrieved for the exports? Could you direct us to where in the database where we would we have to make changes (again the submissions and answers tables have valid data for all responses) in order to show the results in this grid?



     Gaurav S. Konchady


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    Answered on June 21, 2012 at 06:23 PM


    You were right in part that, to be able to trace the back-end for the submissions, you will have to know the database or back-end code details about it.

    Unfortunately, we are not capable at this level to provide you the correct informations. What I can suggest is to send an email of your inquiry to Indicate on the subject the database inquiry, and on details; similar to your post.

    Our next level supports normally check the emails for inquiry like this.

    Plese inform us if you have further inquiry. Thank you for using our services.