My form is Disabled.

  • StudioAegis
    Answered on March 25, 2017 04:36 PM

    From what I've read it feels like my Form was auto disabled by your phising detector. I need my form reviewed and unlocked please. If I have to wait much longer I'm afraid I'll have to take my business elsewhere.

  • BJoanna
    Answered on March 26, 2017 03:52 AM

    I have checked and your account is autosuspended by our phishing system, because of the form Studio-Aegis Patreon Rewards. Inside of this forms you are asking for user login credentials (username) and that is in violation of JotForm Terms of Use.

    Phishing - You agree that Company may terminate your JotForm Service immediately If a form is created or JotForm is found to be used to: Obtain credit cards sensitive information, get social security numbers, show content with child pornography. Or if a form was made to steal user login credentials. All these activities are considered as Phishing and any account along with the guilty forms will be suspended immediately. 

    I have deleted username fields from your form and I have activated your account. Please do not create forms that are violating our terms of use.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.